wtf vertical doors on 65-66?

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  1. I agree, I don't think they'd look bad at all on a late model Mustang. Be hard pressed to find a buyer if you wanted to see it with that setup as well.
  2. Fashion criticisms aside, they might have their place... I wonder if they'll make 'em for the later cars? See, '67-'73 doors are pretty darn big, so you need a decent amount of space next to your car to open them fully for comfortable ingress and egress. Vertical opening doors certainly make that less of an issue...

    Of course, maybe that kind of thing is really only an issue for those of us that actually drive our cars regularly and have to park them in parkiing lots that AREN'T at a car show. Uh oh, did I say that out loud?... ;)
  3. DarkBuddha check your PMs
  4. How much later do you mean? Later than '66, or late model? I think you can get Lambo doors for just about anything halfway rice-outable built after 1985.
  5. i think the idea isnt that bad, you wouldnt beleave how many dings i have on my door from the gas station pillers, pull up the the pump open the door and it swings open and hits the concret piller, i wouldnt put that kind of money into my car just for the doors however, tho it is unique, ive noticed that about alot of you guys, if its new and original you dont like it, what do you guys have aginst someones "special" creation? that its fiberglass? come on if its a thing they like its all that matters i see classic origanal mustangs everyday, sometimes 2 or 3 of them, (this isnt including my own) let them customize there cars without criticizome, be happy for them, they put money into there car to make it more unique...FOR THEM...must everyone rag on these ideas? and whats the problome with elenore, the fiberglass? that took alot of custom/hard work, must we all bash these ideas? think about it are you all mad becuse you cant have it or what? So the cars arnt all origonal, big woop that person loves it...

    Okay, ill step off my soap box now....
  6. Alot of people don't like change :shrug: for whatever reason. I think the creative stuff people do to their cars can be great but it can also be over the top. It's like any other piece of art, some appreciate it and some don't. Like I said in another thread, Eleanor is a very divisive topic for some reason but rarely does anyone change their mind from their initial impression so I tend to think it's a waste to try to sway them one way or the other. But I don't see how anyone can argue that the Eleanor craze hasn't helped all classic Mustang prices. Some more than others obviously....
  7. Yeah, I was just thinking '67-'73 cars maybe... I know they're already available for SN95 and later Mustangs. I don't think I've ever seen any on a II or Fox body, but I'm sure someone has done it.

    I think the problem in doing vertical doors on the '67-'73 cars would be that the doors weigh a freaking ton. The actuators would have to be heavy duty, and then finding a reasonably strong point to mount them on the pillar or even the rocker would be difficult without damaging it.
  8. Great. With these new virticle doors available for classic mustangs, ricers will now want to join the already popular car and start buying ugly body kits, big rims, and god knows what else. Why can people just leave these mustangs alone for those who actually CARE about the car???

    Also about the verticle doors, when you first open them up you have to swing the door out(like a normal door) about 5 inches THEN you can lift it up, also these doors dont open up very much so getting out sucks ass . I saw a riced out dodge SUV with one of these.
  9. if you want them bad enough, you can find them. I'm only 21 and have 2, but I busted ass finding them.
  10. So if someone does something to the car you don't agree with that means they don't care about the car ?

    I think the people who take the time to customize their car in any way cares about their car. It's far easier to sit and let the car go to $%#^ than to take the time to customize it.

    You see proof of that EVERY day by people who have Mustangs sitting outside rusting to the point where they need to be crushed instead of selling them to someone who wants to restore them. You tell me which one is worse ? I say customize away....if that make the owner happy. They paid for the right to do whatever they want to.
  11. whenever i look at the ronster i throw up a little in my mouth