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  1. ok so I went for a ride in the new 04' today.... but they wouldnt let me drive. It was fast, but I was expecting more. they wouldnt let me drive though, and the sale guy drove it like an ass missing shifts and all! they let you drive?
    And how much did they cost, the were asking near $50k at the Roseville auto mall iin cali.
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  3. How young are you and what did you drive up in? I was 35 and drove up in a Mustang GT, they couldn't let me drive a Cobra fast enough... Find a different dealer or find a used one for sale and test drive that.
  4. A lot of dealers are leary about letting people drive their Cobras because people beat on it, then say they'll think about it, and never return. Then someone else ends up with a car that's been beatin on.
  5. A lot of dealerships are full of jerks. Don't get treated right? Don't spend your money there.
  6. HA! I got mine at the Roseville auto mall also, and had the exact same experience! :nonono:
    The guy was a jerk, NOTHING pleased me more than to walk up to another salesmen when we got back from HIS test drive and asked if I could drive it. The other salesperson said yes, and when we got back I told the manager I would pay cash for the car only if the first salesperson that wouldn’t let me drive didn’t get commission. The Manager said no problem. :rlaugh:
    I paid 37,500.00 + T&L and loved driving off seeing the look in the dumb %*^& face.
  7. 50K? was it one of those cobras that gives you a hummer while you drive it or something?
  8. They are asking 50K for the mystic cobras.
  9. I want one of those (Puts for sale sign in window)
  10. :rlaugh: are people actually paying that much? down here the mystics are 36-38k
  11. yea i heard it was a special promotion from ford. i'd like to find one of those cobras in my area and trade in the one i have now.
  12. ok I test drove a mystic cobra in the L.A. area, sticker is 32K for those interested, good deal IMO. car has 200 miles of test drives tho...runs strong.
    I laso test drove a black 03 vert, sticker is 31K, same dealership and 400 miles of test drives...just wanted to share...I had a beginner sales girl with me so I got to floor the 2 cobras...6spds feels nice :0

    of course they were giving me nothing for my trade in so I said
  13. A dealer here in Indianapolis has not one but two mystics sitting on the lot, a compe orange, and a red and or yellow.
  14. how many 04's were made?
  15. 5664
    3768 coupes & 1896 'verts