1. I've been away from home so long that my Harley shop cahnged names!!!!!!

    WTF??? When I was there in aug-sept, looking to land a job (part time), I knew that a man named Bobby was manager, but I didn't know that Jim (the then namesake) was close to retiring!! When ?! How?! WHY?! *sigh*..... I miss being home......

  2. Dude, Bobby Erxlebin has owned the shop for 3-4 years! He just kept Jim's name on it for advertising sake. (I think Jim is Bobby's uncle or father-in-law or something).

    Oh yeah, they've moved; too. Down between the DMV and the Bureau of Reclamation/Vet's Admin Bldg on Gila Ridge Road (about two blocks from my office).

    If you can't keep up with this stuff, ask me! :rolleyes:

  3. I would, but you're terrible about answering emails. :nono:
  4. Now wait a cotton-pickin' minute - I answer your emails!
    Just sometimes I answer them whe you call (if you call); or I pass along the answers in Sue's emails to you!

    Sheese! :nonono:

  5. My email is getting lonely. I've only been getting :spam: the last few days.

  6. NOTE TO EVERYBODY ELSE: He's gotten so tired of SPAM that he called up last night (blew 10 minutes off his international calling card) just to hear me munching on a Subway sandwich! :lol:

    It's really true! :p