1. I guess this should be called the TC motor forum. The answer to every question here is "GET A TC MOTOR". Maybe some people don't want a damn turbo motor. Did that ever occur to you? You really shouldn't act all holier than thou because you are far from fast compared to almost all of the rest of the mustang community. I don't talk down on you because my 02 GT will stomp the **** out of your turbo 2.3. I don't give a ****! I just think the bandwagon people in this forum really shoot down these young kid's ideas alot. And replace them with these "if you don't go turbo you'll never be fast" ideas. I said good day!:nonono:
  2. Damn dude, did someone piss in your cheerios or something?

    I nor anyone else here told you to get a turbo motor, yet. I don't believe anyone here has acted "holier than thou" either.

    THE SIMPLE FACT IS- building an n/a 2.3L, unless it's a race engine, is not cost effective, as I said in my other post! That is, unless you've got thousands of dollars burning a hole in your pocket.

    Maybe you've got money to burn, but many of us do not. Think about this: A turbo 2.3L comes from the factory with 160-190 HP, and you can take it to 300 hp for a few hundred bucks. Just getting an n/a 2.3L to 190 hp takes a ****pile of money, and it would probably not have the best street manners in the world either (and good luck doing it with EFI).

    So, if you want to hang around, pull that stick out of your ass and don't get so uppity because people don't tell you what you wanna hear. Of course, with the attitude you displayed in this post, I'd rather you didn't.
  3. So don't hang around here then. We certainly don't want you here.


  4. waaaaa my v8 rules...i hate turbo motors...im awesome

    i totally agree with warpig, 4.56 gears and a 11:1 CR $4000 head is a much better setup then a $400 turbo swap, especially for daily use, why do you guys keep telling people to do the turbo swap? stupid.........

    :flame: warpig53j
  5. revelation

    Having jacked my 91's head by .060, among other things, one comes to the realization that it was definately more fun to drive(especially when it pulls strong all the way to the rev limiter), but, it was neither fast, nor quick. Then one looks at the relative ease of doing the turbo swap and the results(comparable to a 5.0 with a pricey set of heads) and one wonders where the inherent evil is in a turbo? fear of the unknown is a poor excuse for not going down the less traveled road.....
  6. if "Kid's" can't effort a TC engine swap.. they probably can't effort anything else to improve 2.3N/A Hp

    "you are far from fast compared to almost all of the rest of the mustang community"

    Are we supposed to care? what is this ****in' way to think?

    at least we're not saying stupidities like you do and if you represent what 4.6 people think I'm happy to be in this forum..

    you stupid c.unt
  7. Why do you only post here and in the 5.0 section if you have an 02 GT?

    What kind of times you running with your GT? I've got a feeling you can't "stomp the ****" out of as many 2.3T's as you think. I do know the 2.3T's on here will stomp a n/a 2850 stroker though unless you run a 150 shot or larger...and we can do it for 1/4 the price and not refill bottles...

    Is that "hollier than thou" enough for you???
  8. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. You just have to keep in mind, 99% of people here don't have the knowledge, ability or tools to make a similar 190hp without power adders. By statistics and your to date posts, it is highly likely you are one of them.
    When you have an inexpensive nearly bullet proof bottom end from the factory available, why on earth would you not want to use it?
    The stock TC bottom end is good for a repeatable 400hp. With some descent rods, it would be good for over 600hp. The ****ty stock NA pistons, or some keith black Hyperutectics might be good for 250hp on an NA, but ping once while running juice or boost, and you will have a toasted shortblock.
    So why are you so determined to do things the hard way? Pick up your work where ford left off. Get the TC bottom end, the TC computer, air meter and injectors (30 or 35lbers) and run it NA with a bunch of nitrous. Just throw a head that you build up for higher CR (you could easily get over 10:1 shaving the head, even with the TC dish pistons). I've run the turbo ECU setup on my NA before, and it works fine. Just requires a bit less timing since the CR is higher. Then, you have the bigger injectors you need, along with a STOUT bottom end to take some abuse.
    After you learn that a 2.3 NA on nitrous sucks ass, you will be throwing the turbo on, and learn a tiny shot of nitrous with a turbo engine will get you more power than you can handle.
    I ran a mildly modded NA 2.3 on nitrous (75 shot), and later with a turbo.
    no nitrous, 18s at 75mph
    75 shot, 16s at 81mph
    16psi boost on pump gas (mildly modded TC engine) low 14s at 98mph.
    16psi + 75 shot???? wouldn't surprise me at all to see 12s. Someone here already did that with a much much more stock motor than me.
  9. Happy New Years....yes even to the Troll who made this post:rlaugh:

    Well last night I killed a 94-95 GT vert with my 5600 lb stock truck. I later went on to kill his friends 99-04 GT coupe. Now thats not the funny thing, my friend killed both of those GT's in his N/A 04' Cavelier :jaw: I don't care who you are, thats focking funny :rlaugh:

    Anyways, you all drive safe and drink one for those of us who don't drink:nice:

  10. lol that's funny