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  1. "zMAX does not replace your regular oil. And, using zMAX will not overfill your normal oil level, because it soaks into metal."

    "The unique ability of zMAX to soak into metal and reduce engine deposits"

    I told my mechanic buddy on AIM about it..

    His response...

    DeeJaYCarbine: lmao
    DeeJaYCarbine: im putting that on stangnet
    logikFIVE: wut?
    logikFIVE: i dont have stang
    logikFIVE: alang
    DeeJaYCarbine : you have no say in the matter, if you resist I will pee on your T/A's 455 block and take advantage of the soaking properties of metal
    logikFIVE: :(
  2. This stuff is so bogus. Even if it improved fuel economy, the $40 to use with the gas will outweight the cost of high gas prices. The only useful gas saving techniques that work are NOT DRIVING( which would be gay) and not stomping the gas pedel on every green light( now wheres the fun in that?)
  3. It does have some good endorsers though.
  4. More like it evaporates because it is rubbing alcohol. You never know what is in some products because they don't have to tell you unless they put a patent on it. Most snakeoil remains unpatented for that reason.
  5. oh geez. i doubt this product is a snake oil. it probably does work . after all synthetic oil works better then dyno oil due to smaller molicules. zMAX has gone smaller yet and enlisted the honey i shrunk the kids scientists to make there molicules even smaller so that it can ineffect soak into metal which is actually possible.
  6. Look at metal under a microscope. It is porous, and I dont see this product being that far fetched.
  7. yeah . . porous . . . kinda like the brains of anyone who would buy this ****.

    cars have been around for a hundred years now.

    and all of a sudden they have dramatically improved on something that has been, if you think about it, relatively unchanged since it's creation?

    think about it . .in effect, what HAS changed on the way cars run or work? sure . . some improvements in comfort and power and all that have been made, but the overall design has been pretty much perfected in it s creation a hundred years ago

  8. EVERYTHING has been changed in the last 100 years. From drum brakes to disk, from air cooled to liquid cooled. from carbed to fuel injected, leaded gasoline to unleaded gasoline, I belive all of those fall into the category of the way cars run or work. I could go on and on without really having to "think about it"

    What HASN'T changed besides the shape of the wheel and the fact that you sit in a seat. The mechanical workings of 100 years ago and today are like night and day.

    I suppose dino oil and synthetic are the same thing too.
  9. Ok, Sleepy................................. :D We hear you loud and clear.......................:rlaugh: Next time you visit a car show that's got some 100 yr old vehicles and the latest show room stuff, get some one to park em side by side. Study one then the other, for 5 minutes, then let us know if you change your mind. :D

  10. You said the way cars "run or work" and like I said everything has changed. Not me being sleepy at all, just your poor choice of words.
  11. Who was talking to you?
  12. Apparently you were.
  13. Better go back and read the post I quoted then. Unless you've got two screen names here, you're a little off base.
  14. serious now:

    granted metal is porus, I believe that our oil would have to reach an extremely small molecular size in order for it to soak in as dramatically as they make it sound. In FACT, When a piece of metal is hardened, one way to go about it is to heat it and put it in an oil bath, which absorbes the carbon in the oil, making it harder, and also more brittle. but this by no means is a darastic ammount.

    easy now guys. granted there hasn't been a whole lot of change in the CONCEPTS of how an engine functions and performs, there has been PLENTY of IMPROVEMENTS on the already existing technology through the years.
  15. damn u beat me to that qoute:rlaugh:
    saw him on speed channel endorsing it.
  16. :rlaugh: Ole' Carrol will endorse anything that puts money in his pocket.:notnice: He showed his true colors a few years ago in attacking the Cobra kit car manufacturers. His own kit coulnd't compete with Factory Five, so he went after em with his lawyers. All Factory Five did was make the Cobra "afFORDable" Something Carrol dosen't understand or care about. :nono: