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  1. i have my car on jacks( in the process of installing my MC bar ). Well, as i was looking at my wheel I spotted something. I was missing a freakin lug nut. Isnt that really dangerous? who know how long i was driving like that. Well how do i go about buying another one with the same thread patter?
  2. missing a lug nut is not in and of itself a problem. but it could signal that other lug nuts are loose. as for getting another one, you can take one in stock and match it up to what the store has in stock.
  3. I think its a 1/2-20 thread
  4. correct
  5. Is the stud still there?
  6. I am. But I'm about done for the day.
  7. Time to put a torque wrench on all of your lug nuts! You should retorque your wheel lugs at least every Spring and Fall.

  8. he said stud, NOT dud:rlaugh: :rlaugh:

  9. Grab one of your nuts and show it to the guys at autozone or AdvanceAutoparts store, or test fit it on their thread sample board to know what it is. Try to get new nuts with the same shape and angle cone, where the nut meets the wheel.
    Alloys usually require different cone from steel wheels.


  10. typically speaking steel wheels just use a regular acorn seat and most aftermarket alloy wheels use a bulge acorn but either will work with either wheel, you just to need to recheck the torque more often if you use regular acorn seats lug nuts on alloy wheels.

    i usually use the bulge acorn on everything
  11. Isn't that at least a misdemeanor?

    I am missing a lug nut!!!