1. lmao. what a pile of crap.

    2 alternators, should of asked more.
  2. Looks they are competing with some of the bigger names to see who can stick more crap on a classic.
  3. That is a joke!!
  4. Needs more scoops.
  5. WTF??? This one gets a prize for something.
  6. I saw "New Jersey" and expected worse, actually. Not much worse, but worse nonetheless. No offense, tweet.
  7. Just UGLY and total crap! :puke:
  8. None taken, Jersey sucks....

    I actually have a pic somewhere on one of my old hard drives of a Probe "dressed up" in a Star Wars theme where to guy used cardboard sheets and rolls to make all the body panels. Not quite as bad as that poor Stang, if that's possible, but up there on WTF list...
  9. There used to be one nearly like it here in south Louisiana, but someone fortunately put it out of it's misery in a collision last year. :nice:
  10. This car needs to be on Sesame Street and the count can go "One scoop, ha-ha, Two scoops, count them!! all the way up to 10, educational on multiple levels. Guess it needs that extra alternator to power all the ugly on that car.
  11. damn, page not found.
  12. Someone must have bought it...

    EDIT: I briefly had the pictures saved and then deleted them because it was so grotesque. It looks like they were purged my browser's cache, too. Guess I should have kept them for when the ad was taken down.
  13. Shudder

  14. wow, I NEVER thought someone would rice a classic.
    whoever did this has mental issues.
  15. I think someone would need a mind before they could have issues with it.

    I think it's a reasonable assumption based on where the car is located. :D

    Maybe I should do the only thing anyone on CL does...act like I'm super interested and then make a lowball offer.:rlaugh:
  16. especially fox body's...in the market and am absolutely pissed off!!!! at what these people do to theses cars.

    Dont u know N.J. is the armpit of america:nice:
  17. I'd like to hear some examples.