1. I see more of the older models converted to look newer.
    both suck
  2. Oh I know, I know.....
  3. i just died a little inside...
  4. THAT!!!!! is the worst....putting the newer style rims, these stupid circle tail lights, those r the worst. i like to think the 87-93 fox body was the best yrs of the pony....JMO. u like what u will sir :)
  5. Wow, I think this guy just set a new standard for bad taste!!! You have really work hard to achieve that level of repulsiveness.
  6. I think my soul just threw up inside me.
  7. nah those scoops add at least 50HP each, i bet it's a beast! lol

    oh man that hood and rear of that car......
  8. OMG had to clamp my mouth shut or I'd barf all over my keyboard.

    Not only is the car hideous, the post itself gives me a headache..wtf is he talking about?!?

    I like this..."ALSO i need food and gas in my car to find a job."

    YOUR CAR RUNS ON FOOD??!? He must have been hanging out with Dr. Emmett Brown.