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  1. Misc. Parts for sale
    I have some parts laying around in the way that I need to get rid of.
    Mac off road h-pipe.It's in good shape,has 1 dent in it on the right side behind where it bolts to header $70.00
    Rear end out of 1997 gt.it's a locker with 3.27's.Everything is there except calipers.Came out of car with 65k.$150.00
    Mach 1 hood and breather setup.The last time I looked everything was there to bolt it on and go.It's in good shape,and it's red.Came off of a 2001.$450.00
    Mach 1 rear bumper cover,in good shape $125.00 Sunpro super tach with shift light and recall.Hardly used and in great shape $40.00
    I am in Ks. and I have know idea how much it would cost to ship,but I will ship parts at your expense.
    I can't get the pics to upload but I can text some pics to anyone that's interested.Thanks
  2. rear bumper

    nevermind sorry
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