WTT 92 GT Vert for 99-04 V8

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  1. Looking to sell or trade my 1992 GT for 99-04 GT, Cobra, Mach 1 Must have the following. 5sp Black interior. I have cash to put in the deal if need be, Im not looking for a piece of crap. No salvage title, or wrecked cars. Mine is super clean and thats what im lookinng for. Im looking for 6k or equal trade value.

    1992 Red Convertable
    All black interior Cloth MINT 9 / 10(ash tray door works)
    Body 8 / 10 (front and rear bumper 6 / 10 with touched up chips)
    Vert top 4 / 10 ( functions great but top is original and shows wear)
    Drivetrain 9/10
    New Tires 7/09
    rims 6 /10 ( no curb rash but some paint has been chiped and touched up)
    Has viper alarm with motion senor so you can leave the top down

    Everything, and I mean everything is stock I baught the car from the second owner who got it in 1993. The only thing I changed was the orginal spark plugs and wires. This is a driver great car if you want to use it 3 or 4 days a week to cruse with the top down. I have a couple fox bodies and a stock fox body can not be beat. This car starts every time, everything works great, everything, including the stock tape player. The only reason im trading is because I need a car I can drive daily in the summer to ease my wallet from the F150.
    This car in my eye is the best of the fox bodies has the Black interior, red in color, 5spd, and 92 was the last year for the forged pistons as well. A stock fox like this is only getting more valuable. Please PM me with any questions or trade. I will sell this car out right if nothing works out. Im a business man not a fool so no nigerian certified lottery checks or stupid crappy trades.
    I have every record on this car, including every gas fill up from 1993-2008 w/ millage conversion, car gets 20-25mpg
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.