WTT: '93 Mustang GT for '87 5.0 (Testing Waters)

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  1. I am looking to trade my 1993 GT for an '87 5.0 that will pass emissions. I'm considering trading it simply because I don't want to deal with emissions once I start my build. I bought the car 6 months ago, and have driven it 2500 miles. The motor was rebuilt 45k ago, it has a short shifter, and under drive pulleys, but I have both the stock shifter and pulleys also. I've only done small things to it so far:

    -Eibach pro kit lowering springs
    -High flow catted H-pipe
    -New thermostat
    -Built a ghetto cold air with pvc (I could put the stock box back on extremely easily if need be)
    -Pcv valve
    -Terminal connectors
    -Ignition cylinder
    -Battery wires

    I also started building cup holders into the center console but still haven't finished because of the cold. I'm in Fairfax VA and I would like to stay as local as possible, but I'm willing to drive pretty far depending on the car. The only problems with the car is the chipped front bumper, some fading clear coat on the spoiler, and the power steering leaks, other than that the car looks and drives great. I'm just trying to see what options are out there.

    Here is the photobucket album with lots of pictures:
    Pictures by Michael_Urban - Photobucket
  2. I'll now consider older than '87 as well. Anybody?
  3. I have a very nice and solid 87' GT that I may trade, I can give you more details if your interested email me at jankowb at hotmail.com

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