WTT: my 2003 red Cobra Coupe with warranty for your ???+ $$$

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  1. MY CAR:

    Currently looking for about $19,500 worth of trade. My wife and I are looking for another fun car and we don't need to sell this one but we currently have two terminators. Mine is a built motor with a Whipple and this one (was supposed to be hers!) is bone stock. It seems slow to me for some reason. :)

    We are interested in something different. Options:

    1. 05+ convertible (V6, GT, etc)
    2. 94+ Mustang coupe or convertible ('vert preferred)
    3. POSSIBLY a C5 Corvette ('vert preferred)
    4. Any other interesting domestic project cars. Looking for sports cars or muscle cars.

    No bikes, no pickup trucks (unless it's a Lightning/SRT10/etc), no guns/land/offers to paint my house.

    I'm open to offers. Whatcha got?

    E-mail me pics/info to [email protected]
  2. My car sold last week. Thanks!
  3. y did i not read this!!! you shoulda bumped it!!!!!!!! i woulda traded ya my car dude!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.