wtt my h pipes, for your catted h pipes (pics)

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  1. ok im a noob, sorry.

    i got h pipes i think is what they are called and theres no catalytic converter on it. and i need it to pass smog.

    the h pipes are bolted to the long tube headers. i can get measurements of it if you want.

    so im looking for a x or h pipe that has catalytic converters on it.

    im in southern california.

    also if somebody could tell me what brand pipe this is. thanks

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  2. let me know if i need to add $ too, i dont know how much these are worth
  3. hmmm...
    as far as i know,long tubes will not pass the visual test here.

    for the converters,they MUST be in the stock location,and in the same amount that came from the factory.

    so i think youll need some factory shorty headers,or CARB legal shorties(i have BBK's,CARB legal)
    and a stock h pipe (i have a Mac h pipe,with 2 hi flow cats,it will NOT pass visual,i have my factory h pipe for testing.it has 4 cats on it)

    good luck in your search.

    remember,just because it has cats on it,dos'nt mean it will be legal and pass.

    i think there is only one aftermarket catted h pipe that is CARB legal (bassani???,cant remember the brand)

    man,CA emissions laws suck :notnice:
  4. thanks.

    :eek: why sholuld they even care what it looks like!? as long as its still working fine.

    what if i get stock cats and just weld them on in the stock spot or will that still not work with the long tube headers?

    so do you just put your mac h pipe back on after you get it smogged?
  5. Fuzy,

    I have a stock H pipe with good cats on it, well sorta on it. Its from an '86 Im parting out and I cut the pipes in 2 places. The cats and pipes looked great and there is no reason you shouldn't be able to weld them back together. Plus im in soCal so the trade should be easy. You can take the stock headers with em too!

    Up to you. Let me know.
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