WTT/WTS 16" 4-lug Cobra R

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  1. Hi I am looking to trade my 16" CR's for a set of stock 89 Pony rims...
    If I sell them I would like AROUND 350.00

    Rear tread is around 5/32 Front is around 3/32

    Thanks Jay

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  2. Where at in mo are you located? Also besides not being chrome, whats wrong with them? Mine was stolen with a chrome set and had new tires. When I got the car back they where gone thanks to the tow lot stealing them.
  3. I am near zip 64050, by 291 N and 24 Hwy
    I am just not a fan of the CR's unless they are 18 or 19"
    I want to PC the wheels anyways so I was thinking that someone can use the rims...
    They are true NO curb dings just dirty from brake dust...
  4. Kc huh. Just moved from 435 and 24 hwy in Feb. Im like 5 hours south now, 30 minutes from Mo state line. Not interested in that drive right now. That's a good reason to list the city you live in. Mo is a big state. I will see if u still have them next time I come up or u can let us know when they are gone or whatever. If u dont already have them up on CraigsList its big in KC. Should be easy to sell on that site.
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