Wut mufflers??

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  1. I have a 65 mustang with a 351W. I have LTH and h-pipe an the set of mufflers i have dont do the job. I have a Cam, ported heads and prm gap intake. I want alil more out of my mufflers. Wut can some one reccomend.
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    What (it's spelled with an H in it, by the way :) ) mufflers are you running now? Are you looking to be loud, or more on the quiet side? I don't understand the statement that they're not getting it done for you.
  3. I want it loud. Its quite. Its an old pair or flowmaster not to sure of what series. they are kind of big. Thanks for the help.
  4. I have Dynomax race bullets on my 289 and they are pretty dang loud. Just the way I like them!

    I have a link to a sound bite on my CarDomain site below, bottom of 1st page.
  5. Really have to know what you have now to even get started. If you're one of the guys who thinks Flow 40s are quiet... well, then all we can tell you is to run open pipes/glasspacks and hope you're in a county that isn't too strict about it. If you have 50 series flowmaster, then yeah, I agree they're kinda lame and quiet.

    Also, kinda need to know whether you want the 'angry roar' sound (Flow, Spintech), the 'raspy/menacing sound' (Dynomax, Magnaflow kinda), the high tech/exotic sound (Borla, Magnaflow sorta), etc. And whether you desire the utmost in performance from your muffler or whether your primary objective is sound (some people will trade optimal sound for 5 hp)
  6. Im not really looking for performance out of this car. I have a 99 cobra that im working on. I guess what i want is something a little more of a roar. Right now it sounds good but only right next to the car once your like 10 feet its quite. Cant hear much.
  7. Your cam will play a big role in this.

    I have a 351w with a 5.0 roller cam in it. No lope and very docile at idle. Long tubes going into cherry bomb glasspacks and exiting in front of the rear wheel.

    At idle it is very quiet. When the loud pedal is down the whole world can hear ya coming.

    My previous 289 had a comp magnum cam and that thing was downright mean sounding with the same mufflers and tailpipes. It would shake the house at idle while in the garage. It was so loud that my neighbor called the cops on me the first time I fired it up.

    With the 351 now I can start the car up in the garage and not wake up my 7 yr old. Her room is above the garage.

    The cam plays a much bigger role than most think.
  8. Eh, cam does play a role to be sure but you can certainly make major changes in exhaust note without tearing the engine down. It'll just sound better when you cam it later :) Other things definitely have an impact too... heads and carb can both make a car's exhaust sound different.

    If you want a roar, go long tube headers + flow 40s (not sure if those are the mufflers you already have).

    Long tubes tend to deepen the sound and make it louder. And Flow 40s are pretty loud and still the best sounding mufflers I've heard on classics, IMO. Might also look at Spintechs, a few guys on here say they're even louder than the Flows. Plus, they're pretty rare compared to Flowmasters, so you'd have a bit more uniqueness to your car.

    Check this link out, I had it bookmarked. Might help you... has quite a few muffler combos on SBFs.