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  1. I was just wondering if anyone out there has any experience with this. i saw a flier at school and became interested b/c i have no job. Looked it over and it sounds like :bs: to me, BUT if it is not then i will definetly do it. so if any one has any input on this site or a site like it please tell me. thanks
  2. seems like :bs: to me
  3. its bs man
  4. As a fellow college sutdent, I almost got sucked into a similar trap before my dad smacked some sense into my ass. so dont even bother here buddy, total rip off
  5. we have those scams at my university...i know a few people that got suckered into telemarketing and other sales scams. one of them was selling knives door to door. stay away. far away. save up your aluminum cans and sell your junk on ebay. it's keeping me afloat during my student teaching (although just barely...). if you live near a UPS facility, take their money for a little bit. it's tough work (especially if you're loading semi trailers), but they'll give you money for school and pay you overtime for anything over 5 hours each day (at least if you have a similar union to the one i was in for a while). take care of the stang in the meantime and wait for college to end for the money and stang parts to start rolling in. good luck!
  6. hahaha the selling knives is the one I almost got sucked into! :rlaugh:

    By the way, have you worked at the UPS thing, because they are always recruiting on my campus, and the guy said it was hard work and you get hot and sweaty and the bit. But if you have what did you think of it? how was pay/benefits, and was it worth it?
  7. UPS is hard fawking work if you're loading or unloading the semi trailers. they basically rush the living hell out of you (i was loading somewhere to the tune of 200-300 packages per hour last summer. then again, i worked at the chicago area hub and it was extremely busy. pay is in the neighborhood of 8-9 bucks an hour, and if you have a similar union to the one i did, overtime is paid for anything over 5 hours per day (shifts are usually 3-5 hours long). overtime is the typical time and a half. you get a hell of a workout (make sure you have a strong back, you'll need it). basically, there's a reason they are always recruiting. everyone quits sooner or later, and for good reason. benefits are good if you can't find any other work and need healthcare/money for school (which was my case last summer). i was used to lifting and loading/unloading trucks as i worked receiving before, but nothing like this. if you're lucky, you'll find a UPS that loads the little package cars (aka the typical brown trucks that bring stang parts). that's a bit easier, but i'm sure they still rush you. oh yeah, and after working there, you'll wonder how your parts make it to you in one piece.
  8. Actually I applied there a couple weeks ago, but it was for the package delivery driver. havent heard anything back yet but that would be a sweet job. it says they make 17 bucks an hour. but maybe you will know.. Would I need a CDL to get the job??
  9. The pay is certainly good...and i'm pretty sure UPS will train you for the CDL. They're really good about training - but expect to be bored out of your mind sitting in class for about a week or so.
  10. i went to the knives seminar. i work at ups and it sucks so bad. so hard plus pay is ****. its like a sweatshop literally. everyone there is angry and noone talks to each other. best part is i dont think you can get fired, but benefits take 6 months, and to be anything else( package driver, supervisor, office geek) you have to start at the bottom, loading and unloading. im in local sort now but it still the worst job ever, i just need the $$
  11. blk9450 summed it up pretty well.