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  1. I went to UTI.Its a great school.The only problem I had is people kept ****ing because they thought the school sucked but what it boiled down to is they wanted to party all of the time.The school is what you make it.If your there to learn and do your best then youll like it but if you dont like to study and dont participate in the labs(make sure you do it and not watch someone do it)you wont like.I went for 1 year for automotive and diesel technology.I didnt finish because of various loans being denied in the middle of school.
    The only thing bad I see about Wyo is that its in Wyoming and theres not alot of jobs for students.So if you dont have to work then its cool.My best advice if you go to UTI in Houston is stay the hell away from Rankin rd races.The first night I went to see them a guy got shot 4 times and they fliped his car over then caught it on fire.I never went back after back.
  2. Another thing about the one in Houston.Theres alot of great teachers there (Mr. Kemmer,Mr. Parker,Mr.Ryder) but there also a few that will tell you stuff thats all wrong.Theres one instructor that I can think of that constantly told stuff wrong was Mr. Cuccia.He once told the class you can take all of the internals out of a 93 Stang T5 and swap them with the gears in a 95-95 Camaro T5 and thell bolt right in. I found out the hard way that they wont.He also said a 86 Fiero GT can have a 350 just bolted right inplace of the motor with no other mods.But my favorite instructor there had to be Mr.Kemmer.
    All in all if I could do it all over again I would but I wouldnt have taken the diesel technology course.I got into big rig repair and havent made squat since.I havent even meet any diesel techs that make good money for the time theve been at the shop.
  3. Yeah i am also worried about the price of going there. I am having an interview at the Moorseville campus, i am wanting to go and take the Porshe program. I just keep telling myself that the 20-30 grand i will have to pay will be an investment that i could pay off soon earning 40-60 grand a year as a master tech. As far as Wyotech and UTI it depends, UTI seems the best to me b/c they always help you find a job for the rest of your life while allowing you to come back to the school to learn anything that gets updated. They also are well connected to just about any dealership you could think of. Think there new one is Mini :) haha good luck. Talk to someone from the college go an take a vacation/tour, personally i have contacted Wyotech 2 or 3 times and havent had really anyone talk to me about it. My auto tech teacher was suppose to have the Wyotech rep. stop by the school 2 times now and we havent even heard from the guy. So i dont know about them...
  4. UTI and wyotech both are very good schools, but understand that they are designed to get you ready for the real world of work. if you are planning on going and wanting to party, you will hate both schools. they both have somewhat strict attendance policies, just like most work places do.
  5. Just enrolled in UTI...

    Wyotech no longer guarantees job placement after completion of the course. Taking my chances with UTI so hopefully it pays off in the long run.
  6. That was weird . . . their paid programming spot is on speed right now and they are showing the very segment with the lady on the chassis dyno.

    At any rate:

    Like any kind of education in life . . . you can lead a horse to water.

    I am currently enrolled at Lanier Technical College in the Motorsport Vehicle Technology department.

    Motorsports Vehicle Technology Schools in Georgia, Near Atlanta

    Tonight I have composites at Elan Motorsports (building with carbon fiber), tuesday/thursday is intro to machine tool and wednesday is the intro to MVT class.

    It is roughly $800-$1,000 TOTAL a quarter depending if you need to buy a book (most of the machine tool classes use the same book, welding same book etc) and if you need to buy supplies.

    I checked out the big guys like UTI and Wyotech and to me it came down to the fact that I only had to move an hour and a half away from my parents (they still help financially, and thats another story), it was a LOT less expensive and the school has everything I saw at UTI/Wyotech (I received packets from both, visited in person the NTI school).

    The process starts with a round-table interview and at mine they had: the warren johnson, the dan elliot (teaches the transmission and rear end class), bob varsha from speed, a rep from year one, roush, lucas oil, and the owner of the local NASCAR home track (lanier speedway).

    They whittled 50-60 people down to 18 through that and then we got offered a spot.

    But yes, school is what you make of it. I have a B.B.A. from a university here in GA and a lot of my classmates were the same. If you work hard and apply yourself, you will learn a lot.
  7. I go there

    Listen ok the dude that keeps telling you about his son going there he dont know **** i have created this page not b/c i like mustangs but b/c i need to let people kno.. if you feel like spending close to 30 stacks on being able to point out a component then go right ahead i kno alot about the working of a car yeah i have learned but i dont really have a clue about how to diag. further more the teachers ignore you in the shop so you spend you time just wondering wtf is going on.... as a mechanic "technician they call it" you only make like 45000 a year and your paying 32000 if you do the electives and tools snap on 10000 you will be so far in dept you dont know what to do with it not to mention there is 2000 kids all trying to get the same job as you with the same diploma.... by the way you dont get any ASE's in there thats all you bro so make you decicions but think no body from the inside didnt worn you p.s. im a 4.0 student too far in to quit and have 7 student of the course awards (s.o.c.) dont think i am some slacker just talking ****
  8. I am a graduate of WyoTech in 99'. I went for Coll/Refin. I learned some basics there but not all that was needed to go work in a autobody shop. The instructors there are anything but professional, two of them got in a fist fight in the paint booth while a student was trying to clear a car. The job placement was a joke, they don't do anything other than send out a generic resume. After finally getting a job I got paid a whopping $8.50 and hour. I could have skipped school and went to work at Mcdonalds for more money an hour. My advise to anyone that is thinking about this kind of school is to just go find a shop to work at first. You can start out as an apprentice first or just sweep floors and learn as you do. You will be paid to learn rather than paying someone to half teach you.

    Just my opinion,you can take it or leave it but of all the guys I went to Wyotech with I only know of one that actually made working on cars a career.
  9. I'm not a recruiter or pushing anyone to join. I was in the Air Force for 10 years and I just separated from the service. If someone wanted to get into auto mechanics the military would train you and give you a LOT of experience. I was in the intelligence career field, I'm a government contractor now. My 10 years experience was worth a bachelors degree when it came to hiring me.
    A buddy of mine also got out, he's attending class at WyoTech in PA. The GI Bill is paying for his tuition, he gets $1000 a year stipend for books, non-taxable housing allowance (for PA is $1500 a month), AND since he was in the service Wyo-Tech gives him a room free of charge...so he banks the $1500 a month housing allowance.
    He's going to school and boarding for free, and making $19,000 in non-taxable wages a year. I think he's drawing unemployment too. Not a bad deal.

    To even things out, there are good things and bad things about any job. I'm more than happy to talk about pros and cons with anyone thinking about joining the military.
  10. I went to NTI and was in the first graduating class there in 03. Its a very nice campus and the nascar program was lots of fun. We learned how to fabricate and weld, inspected 50k nascar cup engines. Overall it was good, was it worth the cost of school? probably not but it has lots to offer.
  11. I was recruited by UTI but wanted to go to Wyo Tech. Had an interview with the UTI rep and was offered a partial scholarship (like maybe 3k) for my placing in a high school competion in Auto Mech. i was gonna go but my mom put her foot down and said after i get a 4 yr degree from a university then i could do that. well mom wins out i go to college get scholarships to pay for a lot of it, and work towards a mech engineering degree. got hooked up with a Co-op Program that lets you interview with companies in the real world for jobs in your field and do them while in school doin on and off semesters. did that for awhile till the company i got hired by discontinued thier participation and i failed out of school one more semester later (damn girlfriend!) between my work in the co-op program and odd jobs and apprentiships over the years i ended up not too far behind the curve if i had gone to either school atleast in skills (they may be better able to diagnose newer machines) if those high dollar schools arent something you can afford then i would say look at a Community College and/or a reputable shop and beg your way into a job or just hang around get to know them and ask questions and eventually they will offer you something... in the end education is what you make of it like some many have said, i have two friends who have 4 year engineering degrees that are out of work and i have 6 week certification to be a fire fighter and making over 100k (although i am 8000 miles from home) take what you can and spin it to what you need...
  12. Wyotech... use your Post 911 GI Bill

    if you are eligible for the Post 911 GI Bill the VA will pay 100% of your tuition and fees at our Blairsville PA campus. We also give free housing (fully furnished apartment all utilities paid) to all honorably discharged veterans at that location. What that means to you is you pocket the book allowance and BAH from the Post 911 GI bill you rate! That is over $13000 in 9 months! Our program is 9 months long with the 1st six months being your core program of Diesel, Auto, or Collision/refinishing. The last 6 months is the specialty of your choosing. Specialties range from High Performance Power Trains, Street Rod and Custom Fabrication, MotorSports Chassis Fabrication, Light Duty Diesel, Trim and Upholstery, and even management which is an associates degree program. We offer lifetime placement assistance and all our students receive a 50% discount on snap on tools. If you are interested in more information please contact me at [email protected]
  13. CA costs

    my nephew is going to Wyotech in West Sacramento, CA, the costs are 30k, he has a loan they gave him @ 18% for 10 years,,sounds like a scam to me to get kids into the program that cant afford it so they offer them long term loans at an outragious interest rate they cant afford..I know they arent forced to sign any contracts but kids are kids and recruiters are recruiters..
    18% is $5400 the first year interest only..that's $54,000 loan fee for the 10 year loan..more than the original loan itself..sounds like a good business to get into..loan sharking?? JMHO
  14. I calculated it to around $65k after 10 years.
    Like I said earlier, my buddy did 6 years in the Air Force and got out. The GI bill is covering him full ride at Wyotech. Wyotech gives free room to veterans, and the GI Bill gives a housing allowance ($1500 month) while going to school full time which he gets to pocket. Not a bad deal.