X/A/D Plans - where was (if) yours honored. N-S-E-W?

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  1. I too was caught in the same old story of a month ago a dealer said my D-plan was ok to order a GT. Now they won't take a D-plan for any GT 05/06.

    I have read some people are getting their plans honored. If you are one of these lucky ones please let us know where. Dealer / Location / contact info.

    I myself am looking for one on the East Coast - Carolina's Area.


  2. I found a dealer here in southern California that honored X-plan on a order for a GT vert. I have it in writing along with my DORA. The order was placed on 3/18 and I'm still C/U. I'm expecting to get my vert at the beginning of June.

    Here are the details:

    GT Premium Convertible
    Windveil Blue, Dk. Charcoal, Black
    Active Anti-theft
    Spoiler delete
    Convertible boot

    MSRP = 31,995
    X-plan = 29,507

    The dealership is Villa Ford in Villa Park, CA
  3. I'm in the midwest.....OH, to be exact. X planned with a dealer outside of Cincinnati.


    Fairfield Ford
    Sales Manager is Brad Hauk

    I don't know if they are still accepting '05 orders, nor do I know if they are accepting X plan since I ordered mine during one of the worst nights of one of the worst winters in recent memory. I was the only customer they had in the new car showroom that day. The weather was so bad, they were getting ready to close two hours early before I walked in their door.

    Brad is a good guy to work with, though. If you're serious about getting a car through them, let me know and I'll give my contact info as they said they'd honor my referrals.
  4. I ordered from a dealer here in AL, on an A-plan and mine is scheduled to be built the week of April 25th.
  5. I live in Virginia Beach, VA and three of my local dealers are accepting d-plan. Now if Ford would only build my car :nonono: !
    Ordered 2-9-05. No word yet as to build date.
  6. Bay Area, CA. Ordered X plan, but they wouldn't sell me a car on the lot for it, even though I literally ordered the same car.
  7. so who has actually taken delivery and paid plan pricing? lots of people claim to get plans, but either do not get the car, or the price is not honored at time of delivery.
  8. Clear Lake, Texas

    I ordered mine from Bay Area Ford in Clear Lake, Texas on the X-Plan about 8 weeks ago. I just called the 800# a few minutes ago and found out I am now serialized!! :banana:
  9. Please post the dealer and contact too..

    For everyone who was lucky to get their 05 GT on a X/D/A-Plan.

    Please post the DEALER you used, and maybe even a salesman if they are reccomended.


  10. I received X-plan through Gulf Breeze Ford in Pensacola FL. If you want details PM me.

    Sonic Blue '05 Premium GT
    5-spd manual
    Active Anti-Theft
    Wheel Locks
    Side Air Bags
    Machined Wheels

    -$500 Military appreciation
    $25138.17 + TTL

  11. yellow....see my sig..... :banana:
  12. I used my company X-Plan and ordered mine from Team Ford Northpoint (Alpharetta) in Atlanta on 1/22/05. I put the $1000 deposit down and received my VOC right then. As of yesterday, she is still C/U (grrrr!!).

    My contact person is Rob Hersch (Inventory Manager) at Team Ford Northpoint - feel free to give him a call on (770) 649-5123 if you think this may help.

    Good luck!
  13. What to make sure of when you order on a plan.


    Been calling around and found a few dealers that will accept a plan near (100+ miles) me.

    I would like to make a check list of what we should all ask for when we order off a plan.

    1. Price and Agreement in WRITING that they will honor the plan price when vehicle arrives at dealer.
    2. Priority of 10

    Anything else?

  14. Codiroili Ford in Livermore CA
    Salesman was Don M. (last name escapes me right now)

    I have my car, took delivery 2 months ago.
  15. I think that's everything. I just pulled out my VOC and verified that my priority code is 10 (X-plan). Sounds like we have it all under control and now we just have to wait...(grr!!).
  16. boy that server crash was timely wasn't it.all that info and all those warnings gone. :mad:

    BTW the guy from new mexico did order from us, seems no one closer would honor their plans.that means ALL the major cities of texas!!
  17. yellow....you're closer to the situation than I am, but I don't see GT or vert availability getting any better....matter of fact, it's probably getting worse as allotments are starting to dry up in short order for '05s.

    BTW....how are sales of the hybrid Escape? They are hot sellers around me, too. It's just that the Mustang has stole it's thunder. My dealer says that sales of the Escape hybrid is every bit as good as sales of Mustangs.
  18. you are correct on allotments.the end is here. we may see a v-6 trickle in from time to time, but i am telling my customers to not be too optimistic on getting a gt.

    we were given one hybrid. i sold it easily at the marked addendum of $3,995.the lady loves it and justified the purchase!!?? no, i didn't push the addendum nor agree to it,but it seems in our area, we had the only one and she was a tree hugger for sure. :rolleyes: lots of internet leads are coming in concerning the hybrid, but people (just like the mustang) are not accepting the lack of availability. the attitude is still "ford is doing this on purpose just to jack the price". funny thing is--they are buying the gmc hydrid truck at sticker and higher and it gets the same mileage as our non-hybrid F 150 :rlaugh: GOTTA LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly though to answer your question, i think if we had plenty hybrids, we would still sell 30 mustangs to every 1 hybrid. this is bubba country and the populus is not concerned about being green. the lower the family income the bigger suv they want. :bang:
  19. Ordered 2/7 , received 3/27, X-plan, waxed 3/27, 3/29 etc.

    Beach Ford in Myrtle Beach
    Excellent Staff

    Torch Red
    Upgraded wheels
    My color cluster added, did not like all the metal in IUP
    Viper 2 way alarm
    20 Tint
  20. X-plan off the lot

    After ordering a V-6 for my son from another dealer and waiting 3 months, we got tired of the wait/lies/etc. and went looking at local dealer inventory. Found the perfect car at Planet Ford in Spring, Texas - Torch Red GT, 5-speed, red interior & My Color. Added Cobra rims and alarm - used X-plan with NO problem. I highly recomment Chris and Planet Ford - I've bought ALOT of cars over the years and this was definetly the best experience I've had. The first time in a long time I have bought a car and not been treated like an idiot because I'm a woman. Everybody happy, especially my son since this was a replacement for a 2001 GT that was a total loss (tried to be practical and get a V-6, but that GT just kept calling our name!) :banana: