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Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by gp001, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. I will make this a sticky after a few days of letting float in the forum

    Hey guys, and gals....

    This issue has come up a few times and I feel I need to make a post about it to help. Please feel free to pass this along to ANY forum you may post on that may have a 05-up Mustang both GT and V6..

    I've had a few customers that even when they returned their vehicles to stock and went to the dealer and the dealer reflashed or updated their calibrations. When they got home they reloaded the tune into their vehicle and it wouldn't start. Also, when they tried to return the vehicle to stock it wouldn't start.


    When the dealer updated their computer it then changed the Calibration code inside the PCM. Unlike 04 and earlier models the X-calibrator didn't see this as a new vehicle and simply deleted the tune that the dealer installed and wrote the old program on the PCM. This old tune doesn't have the same settings and this causes the car not to start, to put it in simple terms.

    Now for the bad part, being that it deleted the tune file that the dealer has installed it wont start. Returning the vehicle to stock doesn't work either because all you are doing is returning it to the factory program from the intial tune.

    In other words, the dealer would have to reflash the new code into the PCM again.

    Now, Prevention.....

    The first thing you need to do when you get your X-calibrator in is to goto " Read DTC menu" and then scroll down to " Read Strategy" and read this information from your car. Then write this down somewhere secure, like inside the X-calibrator box.

    Then, if you have to take your car in for service first check your strategy by doing the above after returning it to stock. Take it in for service and when you get the car back BEFORE uploading a tune Read the strategy again and compare it to the one you had before taking it in for service.

    If they match then simply install the tunes and drive away happy.

    If they do not match then DO NOT install the tuner but rather contact your SCT dealer and give them the new Strategy code and get some new tunes for your new code.

    Every dealer CAN email these to you, not every dealer WILL email these to you.

    On 05's I've not had any problems with this because the main codes for the 05's haven't truly been updated. This has truly began with the 06's.

    Below are a few Strategy codes and the Calibration codes for which they stand for.....

    Strategy = Calibration

    FBNF1G3 = TJF1

    FBNE0G5 = GYX1

    FBLF152 = VDX1

    FBLF1G2 = SRV0 Which is the one that VDX1 updates to.

    Just let me know if you have any questions or if I can be of any help. Like I said please pass this along to any forums you know, this information can help alot of people.

    Thanks, Doug
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