X/H Pipe question...

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  1. Do they eliminate the cats, or are they "cat-back". If they do, how do you pass inspection?
  2. an O/R or off-road pipe will eliminate the cats. you can also get either pipe with cats from some vendors. i cant help with emissions, we dont have them :D
  3. Well, another reason I ask is that shops around here refuse to do exhaust work if it involves removing the cats. I think you also have to install mil eliminators. Do you tell them that it's going to be a "track car", and not be a daily driver?

    (If this is a touchy subject, please PM me)
  4. If you get an off-road H or X pipe you don't necessarily have to get MIL eliminators if you get a tune to go along with it. A tune can turn off the "check" that the PCM does to see if the O2 sensors are active and working. Also, installing a mid-pipe isn't to to hard if you really want to get an off-road H or X. Sure, they sound better and free up some more HP but if you want to be able to pass emissions, just get one with high flow cats on them.
  5. Installation of an o/r pipe is fairly simple. Getting the stock one off is the hardest part. An o/r pipe has no cats, so there's alot more room to get your hands in there. I wouldn't even think about MIL eliminators. The best thing you can do for these cars, regardless of what mods you're doing, is to get a tune from Bamachips or Brenspeed. :nice:
  6. yeah, i think there is a federal law that says you cant remove the cats on a car originally equipped with them. the muffler shop might do it if you tell them its a track car, but they would probably want you to have it towed in, since its not a street legal car. :shrug:

    if you can use a jack, stands, and sockets, then you can do this install yourself. takes about an hour, with the hardest part being realigning the exhaust tips in the cut outs. that just takes time, especially if you are doing it yourself because you have to adjust, check, get back under the car, adjust, etc.

    wish i would have taken pics along the way for this, then i could have done a write up. :bang: