X or H pipe on a II

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  1. Anyone have an X or H pipe on their II? Which is better I have heard conflicting things on both. I guess its just what you prefer. And what are good brands for them? I want to put 1 on my II when i do my exaust.
  2. I've had both and currently have a 3" X-pipe behind my 351W. IMO the X-pipe will equalize flow the best and I've never seen a direct dyno comparison between the two. The difference I always hear about is the difference you "hear".

    Otherwise, they both get in the way of dropping the tranny.
  3. Ive heard the H pipe with a set of flowmasters and I loved the sound. I havent heard the X yet
  4. The H pipe would be 10x easier to make 'removable' to gain easy access to the tranny for removal wheras 90% of your X pipes are a permanent fixture. Not to mention, the typical H pipe is a far sight cheaper to install or have installed rather than the X-pipe.

    However, under high RPM application, the X-pipe gives better scavenging between the pipes. For street use, it's a push.

    We had an X-pipe on my bro's 70 Maverick and with 2 chamber flomasters it was a bit more quiet and lost a little of the thumpity-thump sound compared to when it was without.

    Hope this gives you a little insight. :nice:
  5. http://www.mustangexhaust.com/tech/HvsX/HvsX2.htm

    I'm not sure what my plan is yet, but I think what I want to try to do is get a universal X pipe, like this (the top one)

    I went to an exhaust shop and asked about a H or X pipe, and the guy said there wasn't enough room to put one in with cats and a muffler, I think it was BS, but we'll see what I can figure out.
  6. thats easy MII's dont need cats anyway!
  7. X pipe will make more power.....Though from all that I have heard they get a more raspy sound to them.

    I will still do a X on my cars.
  8. I have to keep my cat for 3 more years.
  9. I think I've decided on headers, H pipe and dual glasspacks
  10. pop,pop,pop
  11. ha ha ha ha

    Well Meg I am going to make no comment on your glasspack idea. But I'm sure many of these guys can read my mind on what my thoughts are on that.

  12. pop, pop, pop
  13. Hey man..... the 'packs' are bad ass! The shorter the better!!! - :rlaugh:

    I had a pair of 12" 'cherry bombs' on my 67 Ranchero. SOUNDED GREAT .....for about 2 weeks... then the packing burned out. After that .....

    pop pop pop .....raaattttttt tat tat tat pop pop pop :nonono:

    Actually the longer you get them the better they sound. (and the longer they last)
    On 'another' 67 Ranchero i had what must have been damn near 3 foot long (i think 24 inchers)packs on it (blue ones) and it sounded great... never ratty sounding or any of the other stereotypes you'll hear.

    But the great thing of it is, it's your ride, do as you please. I think you made a smart move on the H-pipe, just make sure you have them make it a slip fit or flanged to ease any future tranny work. :nice:
  14. What about a y-pipe? I got one on, and a thrush turbo muffler. I love it! Really quiet till ya get on it. and its easier to put on. No routing the left pipe around the gas tank. :nonono:
  15. True, but then you lose the benifit of dual exhaust.
  16. I think an X pipe is better, from a packaging stand point an H might be easier. I have a custom made H on mine, with two flowmaster 40's (in place of the gas tank). Sounds killer (even if I do say so myself) :D That pre made little X looks cool though!
  17. Let me set up my flame shield before I reply on this one... :flame:
    From my Header Collectors I run a Y Pipe into a single 3 Inch exhaust, which goes up and over the axle, from there It Y's again into 2 chrome 3 inch tips and exits in the OEM passenger rear position. I think it sounds good, but have been told it sounds breathy. (notice NO muffler at all) anyway, IMHO why waste all the money and hassle on a dual exhaust when a single 3' flows just as well? (ET's are identical with exhaust on or uncorked) You can judge for yourself heres a sound clip:

    Anyway, FWIW... :banana:
  18. What ever floats your boat chief

    Well it is all a prefferance thing. Some people like the hollow deep throaty sound some like the rat tat tat tat, pop pop pop pop pop sound. Some like it a lil more easy going and quiet til yuh hit the gas and you get a lil noise out of it. As far as mufflers go I would try what your lil heart desires and do a trial and error till you find what kind of sound you are looking for. I would for sure go with a dual exhaust with the X or H pipe. I'm sure they will bolth work well for you. If you really want to be sharp with it get rid of that gas tank, put a fuel cell in the trunk and it will make your exhaust system a lil easier to install with possibly having more options and it will look sharper coming back on each side of the car verses on side. But your low on cash so thats maybe something to think about for future mods.

  19. I thought glasspacks would be good because theres not much to them. But I dont know I guess I can take you guys advice on it. I like a deep throaty sound. I know everyone says go flowmasters and blah blah blah but they're so damn expensive. And I'm not the one paying for it.
  20. Not to mention that everyone and thier brother runs Flow's. I know I'm looking at aset of Macs To put on mine for a different sound.