X or H pipe on a II

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  1. Flow Tech Afterburner - fully welde dmuff just like a Flomaster and pretty inexpensive. :nice:

    If you want glasspacks, put 'em on. i like the way they sounded in my highschool days. It was quite an attention getter. Matter of fact i have some footage of it (can hear it running) i'll try and get put on a wav file or video file so you can hear it. Like I said, the longer the glasspack, the deeper, throatier (and longer lasting, less raspy) they will be.


  2. thats exactly why I want something different. I was told to get some dynomax bullets what about those?
  3. Dunno, never ran a set. It's my understanding that they are freakin loud. Real close to straight off the header, loud.

    I've got Dynomax Super Turbos on my Fastback and on my Duster, only Dynomax muff I've used. They sound superb!

    Anyone else used the Bullets? :shrug:
  4. Better than a glass IMHO, though I will tend to think louder. These are actually a RACE muffler. So muffling is to a minimum. I was actually going to go with these on the car *geez I need a complete motor!*

    Or you can always go supertrap.... that different and you can "tune" your power with it.
  5. I have Flowmasters 40's on the II and Mac Flow paths on the Lincoln Mark VII, I like the sound of both, but the Mac's sound nicer IMO :D Could be the H.O, They always sound nicer then the "302". (H.O 5.0l has a 351w firing order)
  6. Performance wise, a 2 1/2" inch "H" or "X" y-piped into a 3" back to a 3" flowmaster would be easy, and would work well. I ditched the tank, so I could have duel center out-lets (like a Mustang Shelby GT500). Wow factor is high, performance Improvement doughtfull. I just think the Mustang II looked importish with the two pipes out the one side. A Mustang should have true duels in my mind. :shrug:
  7. What are the benefits of duals, anywayz? (besides the coolness factor)

  8. sounds cooler
  9. my car definetly has to have duals, no question about it. It's a muscle car and Im going to treat it like one. :D
  10. From what I gather, It seems as if back in the day (50's) your common autoshops and speed shops didn't have a way of bending large dia pipe (and that size of exh. pipe was pretty much unheard of, especially on a car) so it was far easier on a V8 to just add another pipe of equal size. (and cheaper albeit)
    Since that was such a vast improvment in the V8's performance, most car guys in that era saw the dual exhaustas as higher performance engine and in most cases signified it as a V8 powered car.
    Also, from a rear stance, there was a sense of equiliberum having 2 pipes in exact locations rather than just one. So yeah it was mainly for looks but in those days was actually a performance upgrade for sure. :nice:

    Any other thoughts? ?