X pipe dyno results

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  1. Ok, I just got off the phone with them, need to go pick up the car. But they did tell me what the final number was for SAE after the X pipe:

    • Plus 2 RWHP

    There you go, a whopping 2HP. My contribution to the mustang community. LOL.
  2. We still dont know the gains over a stock V6 one legger.

    The only conclusion we can draw from your "experiment" is that eliminating the y-pipe is worth 2 hp, on your car.

    Im still going with the premise that the difference between the oem exhaust and true duals is worth +/- 10-15hp on a V6.

    I know a few guys have dynoed bone stock 4.0s.

    Do you recall what thier numbers were, and if it was an auto or stick?

    Anyway, great job, every little bit helps.

    I thought the final conclusion on the alt pulley was that it didnt make any hp at all?

  3. Thanks. I had them do the pull before the pulley install. Mine is an auto, and stock I was at 168 RWHP SAE. Unfortunately I do not have a dyno of just my magnaflows, but I was at 193.9 RWHP SAE with the following:

    -Dual manganflow w/Y pipe kit
    -TI CAI
    -TLOK (no gain on this)
    -Professional tune

    The before and after number is in my other thread. But hopefully someone will do a before/after dyno on the duals.

  4. The alt pulley was good for 3 to 5 RWHP... adding the crank pulley did nothing...
  5. Theory X: We have no wau of knowing how much of a difference the X is making with the Zex. You are posting higher HP than John with nitrous, but lower NA HP. Maybe that is where the X is making a difference. May also be why your RWTQ is lower with your 100 shot.
  6. We haven't sprayed since we installed the MRT and I hit 200... I'm also still running the 4.10s... Guess I'll have to book some dyno time soon... LOL
  7. Duals: I really think that you only truly benefit from them above a certain power threshold. I believe that Todd is benefitting from the X when he sprays, which is why he is netting higher HP numbers when he sprays even though his NA numbers are not as impressive as yours. And it might account for his lower torque numbers. Just a thought.

    BTW, I am curious to see what numbers you will put down now...