x-pipe for JBA LT Headers

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  1. Anyone know of any x-pipes that will fit on the JBA LT Headers?
  2. I don't know of any manufactured ones. I went with JBA's matching H-pipe, as you did, according to your sig. If you find one, post it up and let us know!
  3. dont quote me but i beleive i heard the bassani x fits, could be wrong though.
  4. i have a bassani x hooked up to my JBA longtubes.
  5. hey drewdawg, got any clips of that setup? which axle back are you running with that?
  6. My setup sounds nice but there is alot of resonance at 2500 rpm. That is the only point where it sounds like crap. I would like to try an X-pipe but I fear that it will only make it sound worse. From what I understand is that x-pipe are better for horsepower. Any one know the real difference between the two? H-pipe vs. X-pipe.
  7. i am running flowmasters
  8. here is a copy of one of my previous posts.

    JBA install complete

    Hi guys, thanks for you help. I have them installed. And boy do they sound wicked. I was still able to use my Bassini x-pipes. The only mod that had to be done was that they cut the X-pipes from the rear and moved them back I few inches. I had to order another set of 02 sensor extensions. Trust me longtubes are the way to go. You can feel the torque from red light to red light. One of my buddies laugh at me as I took because I took a normal throttle in first, then punched it when I hit second gear the rear end fished tailed a tad bit caught me off guard so backed off.

    I do have CNL cold air intake with tuner and I’m running flowmasters axle back muffler. The headers took the highs frequency sound that where produced by the X-pipes. The car has deep aggressive tone. It has a big block sound. There is no drone at all in fact when you ride around at 45 miles in fifth gear it sounds sweet.

    At first I when I got the car back from the shop, it did not sound as loud as stock. But as the more I drove it, the sweeter it sounded. Guys- n-Gals do not go by the tone you hear in the car. Because I have buddy drove it as I stood by and watched it sound so much like Eleanor in “Gone in Sixty Seconds” at WOT and it sounds so sweet. I guess the combination of JBA longtubes, Bassini X-Pipes, and Flowmasters gave the exhaust its distinct sound.
  9. thanx drew! but we need clips! lol
  10. anyone else have an x-pipe on JBA LT headers?
  11. Also on the x-pipe does it have a bung for an o2?
  12. Anyone have any info?