X Pipe or H Pipe for 2012 GT

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  1. So I have been looking into my upcoming exhaust upgrades. I think I have decided on the catback I want (Pypes).

    But I have been going back and forth on X or H pipe. From what I have heard from other people I would like either. I have heard the H is better for the muscle car sound and the X is good for that raspier NASCAR sound?

    I would really like to know how they sound on the upper end. I'm sure both sound good and deep at low revs. Anyone got any good links or sound clips or suggestions? What have you guys got and how do you like it?
  2. I'm looking into the pypes also. Closest I've found that sound close to that old school muscle sound. I think they r fairly so u may want to go with the H pipe to keep that base and deep tone. X pipes usually adds a little rasp and if u do offroad x u may smell like exhaust at times and if it's not legal in your area u would have to put the cars back on come inspection sticker time. Check my profile I had some vids and debates about the pypes in one of my threads
  3. Myself I think I'm going with the magnaflow catback muffler delete soon as the holiday season bypasses, click the image it will take you to the youtube link of this

  4. X or H

    :rolleyes:I'm probably older than I want to admit... so I like the muscle sound. Had an x-pipe on my 08 and never really got used to the sound.

    My new 5.0, however, has the new MRT H-pipe and sounds very much like the old Cobras and GT350's from when I was a kid.

    Agressive, not obnoxious would be the best description.

  5. Sounds like the H-pipe is the way to go. I would like people to have to turn to see that its not a 60's era mustang firing up.

    I would like to retain the cats, so I have been trying to find an after cat/catted pipe. I would also like it to not need welded on if possible, I think that will be hard to find.

    Right now I am looking at the JBA from AmericanMuscle

    Thoughts? Other good clamp on H pipes I can do on the floor of my garage on some drive up ramps?
  6. Was told the heartthrob set up is real nice keeps your Stock catts, but replaces pipes B4 catts and after catts with 3" and its inexpensive. Might go with this myself. Also option of xpipe or Hpipe
  7. H for me. I hate that raspy race car sound. It doesnt sound like a v8 but a little rat ricer.
  8. I did the axle back flowmasters...Is there an 'H' pipe in this exhaust from the factory?
  9. yes they do
  10. RE the 'H' pipe from the factory. Thanks for the info! If it did not
    have one , I would have had one installed trying to quiet down
    the Flowmasters....I love the sound and the gurgles and pops
    between gears but I feel that a bored Cop might make it an issue.
    It's probably just barely borderline. NO DRONE while cruising!!
    But, when you open things up, its pretty WOW....
  11. MBRP Race series

    Just ordered the MBRP Stainless Race series catback and H pipe...the H pipe retains the factory cats so no need for a tune or fear the inspection. Also very affordable thanks to cyber monday got both for $872 from American Muscle. I will post videos shortly as it should arrive tomorrow. However there are a couple of vids on Youtube currently.