X-pipe or H-Pipe with stock mufflers

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  1. I’ve searched the forums a few times and done a lot of reading but can’t seem to find a definitive answer regarding which “sounds better”. I know its quite a subjective question but I’ve heard from some people that the X-pipe on our cars sounds great (while others say it sounds horrid) and vice-versa with the H-pipe. From what I know the X-pipe will sound deeper but which has a nice exhaust note? Any suggestions? I’m leaning towards the Ford Racing X-pipe for now, but am open to suggestions.<?***:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
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  2. im not sure if you plan on going with cats or not. but i have a catted bassani x-pipe and mufflers. it will give you a raspy sound. personally, i prefer the deeper sound of the h pipe. but i have also heard an x pipe w/o cats that sounded great. i will probably change mine when it is financially feesable
  3. hmm, so the H-pipe is the one that sounds better hey... any suggestions regarding good manufacturers that aren't too expensive for the H-pipe? I'm looking to keep the cats on the car for the foreseeable future.

  4. Pypes makes a good h-pipe.
  5. check out the pypes setup.
  6. I think pypes only makes an O/R H pipe...so no cats. You would need to modify their H pipe to keep your stock cats.
  7. I was looking on the Pypes website and it seems that there's only an O/R version (from what I can see). Anyone have any luck with the magnaflow or corsa setups (I think they're only x-pipes but all that I can really find that aren't O/R). If you have any suggestions let me know.

    How do you like your Bassani with the mufflers 05wolfkiller?


  8. actually, i get a lot of compliments on the sound. but there is this kind of high (tinny) sound that kind of annoys me inside the car. i dont even know if its noticeable outside, being noone else is allowed to drive my car:nono: it only seems to be right before shifting though. but cruising on the highway, i love the sound. i will try to get some sound clips for u this weekend. now that i think about it, i will probably keep the bassani, b/c if i went with another setup, im sure there will be something else i wont like:D
  9. Ditto for me with the Pypes O/R H-Flows combo. Didn't do it at all when I had the factory mufflers on with the O/R H...perhaps the Flows are too free flowing...
  10. Off road pro-chamber with stock mufflers here. I love the sound and at highway speeds hardly different from stock setup inside the car.
  11. sound clips

    I love the sound of the mrt h on the 99-04's but there are virtually no clips on the 05-07's

    Dan can you post a sound clip up for us so we can hear how it sounds on our cars?
  12. I am thinking X-pipe from FRPP and Bassani axle backs.......... any comment
  13. If I get a offroad H pipe with the stock Mufflers will the sound be noticably different than stock? Im getting magnapacks but since they are so expensive its going to take me a while to get them.
  14. There is not a day that goes by that someone doesn't give me a thumbs up or tells me how great the car sounds...I have the FRPP headers, Bassani catted X and the SLP Loudmouths. Took me 4 different trys with different equipment before I got it right.