X Pipe or H Pipe

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by JTGrant, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. I realize that the H pipe has a better sound with the Flowmaster's. I am thinking getting a set of FRPP stingers and an X pipe. Which is better for HP and Torque?
  2. x pipes have seen more hp gain due to better flow path,. but its not significant with just minor bolts on (maybe 1-3 hp)....in my opinion h-pipe sound extremly better, so its up to you, whats more important the sound of your exhaust or a hp and torque increase that you will not even be able to tell?:shrug:
  3. Google "Anderson Ford" and look at the exhaust shootout's they have online. They did a before and after dyno with a bunch of combo's including the x-pipe vs h-pipe. Just a few horesepower and torque more like the above post mentioned. Not enough to feel the differance...
  4. Nice job on the videos...I liked how you drove around to see how many car alarms you could set off. Killer sounding stang...very cool!:nice:
  5. Can someone post a link to somewhere that i can order the Pypes o/r H pipe
  6. Got mine from Brenspeed.com. $172.99 shipped. Worth every penny and then some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. :rlaugh: Just beat me bigcat...:nice:
  8. Awesome thanks guys, does anyone know if an aftermarket H pipe will affect the install of the cervinis side exhaust kit?
  9. It shouldn't...... I think the Cervini's kit works with the factory midpipe so you should be good to go.
  10. First of all, great videos. Your car reminds me a lot of mine, 18" polished wheels, striping, sequential taillights, K&N CAI. That was actually what I was going to ask you about. How did the CDC shaker ductwork fit with the K&N? I've been debating on getting it because I love the shaker idea and a friend of mine has a Mach 1 and I can't let her have something 'cooler' than mine haha. I've heard good things with the Pypes but now I think I'm sold. Get them to go with my AT Flowmasters. How hard was it for you to install them? Last thing, where'd you get that "Bad Ass GT" brake light cover? That is awesome.