X Pipe or H Pipe

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  1. Any info on H pipe v X pipe...I am seeing detail that X pipe will reduce low end torque...which is not what I have in mind...I am looking for FASTER 0-60, not to be able to go 160.

    Any Help or guidence would be appreciated,

  2. Yes, in most instances an "H" will give you a couple more ft/lbs of torque down low versus an "X" pipe while the "X" pipe will give you a few extra HP up top. They also make the exhaust note sound considerably different. The difference is minimal at best though.

    What year Cobra are you putting this on?
  3. I currently have an x pipe on my 01 cobra. I really enjoyed the Prochamber on the 02 GT I had. I don't like the raspiness of the X pipe and I would love to have a deep throaty sound again but I don't want to pay the high price for the prochamber. I have never heard an o/r H pipe on the cobra. Do you think it's the sound I'm looking for?
  4. PC

    Prochamber all the way. The chamber gives you that nice lopey, throaty, old school sound. The offroad H will also reduce your low end torque more than the prochamber (although not as bad as the x does.) Unless you want to pay for cats, the Prochamber is the best way to preserve low end torque in a offroad midpipe. That's the biggest reason I ponied up the money for a catted Prochamber, these cars already have a horrible lack of low end torque, I didn't want to make it any worse.
  5. mwni got an x pipe no cats on my 03 cobra with borla stinger exh. it soundslike \crap!. i got an h piope im putting on it to see if i can tell the differance. my drone at 70.75 s\is bad , im goiing 3.89s now
  6. I have an 03 SVT Vert...Just starting to upgrade.

    Put on Cross Drilled Vented Breaks and Ceramic pads...

    Looking at asperation now.

    Thinking MAC Headers and Prochamber, with Bassinni SS pipes...BBS Intake and Accufab Plenum.
  7. Use anything but MAC (longtube) headers.
  8. Just say no to MAC!


    P.S. Headers on an 03/04 Cobra are a waste of money and time unless you are pushing more than 17lbs of boost and making over 600RWHP. Save your money for something else.

  9. your problem is you are running no cats with stingers, you could only get louder running open manifords.

    I have a Magnaflow catted X and SS Bassani cat back and love the sound and get almost no drown.
  10. ok on the h and hte x the difference between the 2 are minimal. but the sound is something totally different. x is to raspy for my taste and I have always run a h pipe on my stangs, love the deep muscle car sound it gives.

    as for the mac stuff, the only good thing they are said to make is their h pipes. I just got a 3 in catback from them and the muffler shop cussed the whole time. they moved it one way, hit the diff, moved it the other way, hit the gas tank, then both tubes pointed in different dirrections. they ended up having to cut off the hangers and adjust the tubes and then reweld it on. love the sound and everything but a bolt on peice you shouldnt have to struggle with.

    as for their headers people say the quality has gone up and I was beliving them but they also said the same thing about the catback. well I dont beleive them anymore.:nono:

    sorry for the long rant.
  11. I heard great things about MAC Pro Chambers...And thought that you had to match Mid Pipe and Headers...

    So - was thinking MAC Longtubes with the Pro Chambers...

    Going Wrong?

  12. ok

    Forget the MAC longtubes. :notnice: - Waste of money on your car - but get the prochamber midpipe.
  13. -----------------------1
    I picked up a good bit of power with my mac long tubes as well as the other 03-04 I have put them on. But , I do suggest using cats.:nice:
  14. you dont think my 3.90 s gears will help the drone i got now at 70/75mph if a go 90 mph its quite!?>?

    i got i borla stinger , and x pipe ,,nnoe i got a bbk h pipe what should i put on it , the bbk is off a 97 cobra will it fit my 03 cobra?
  15. i cant find a aftermarket h pipe for the 03 cobra?
  16. You've never heard of a Pro-Chamber? :scratch:

  17. I have BBK and they ALWAYS!!! fit perfect!!! I had to sell My mac longtubes and h pipe cuz they just never fit right, and never will. I have a mac cat-back still and it still fits like **** but sounds awesome. This is on a Fox though

  18. Looking at Magnaflow SS x pipe with Cats and Magnaflow Cat back, JLT Intake. Any feedback?
  19. Never can go wrong with Magnaflow or JLT products. I have a similar setup on my Cobra.

  20. That is the exact setup I have....I have no regrets.