x pipe or h pipe

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by irishdrunk, May 25, 2008.

  1. is anyone using and h pipe set up on a 05 or newer mustang gt? i have a x pipe set up and it sound like my mufflers a broken. does it matter where u get the x pipe from or do they all sound like that?
  2. Do you have an offroad x or catted x? In my opinion, there is a difference between companies, as well. I have the magnaflow catted x and freakin love it. Also, what mufflers do you have. Most of the time an x pipe sounds better with a flow through style muffler(like stingers, magnapacks, etc) and h pipes sound better with chambered mufflers (mac, flowmaster, etc).
  3. thanks I have flowmaster super 44 with no cat jegs x pipe
  4. H pipe setup sounds much better but no quite as much hp
  5. I personally think H pipes sound better. X's trumpet and drone badly. Catted X's are much better, but I still prefer the H pipe.
  6. What is a good h pipe? Does the sound vary from manufacturer to manufacturer?
  7. No cat X-pipe with a chambered muffler will produce an extremely raspy tone. If you want to keep the flowmasters and not have the raspy sound then get either cats, an h-pipe, h-pipe and cats or a prochamber.
  8. I love the way my Steeda mufflers sound with an H-pipe. I'd like to upgrade to better flowing cats and an aftermarket H-pipe but I dunno who makes a good one that also lays out some noticeable power improvements.
  9. I am not that big of a fan of the Flowmaster and non catted H pipe setup. I have this on my car and at around 2500rpm I get this nasty resonating sound. :(