X Pipe Question (Bassani)

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  1. Will the addition of a straight through X pipe (no cats) cause any check engine light to go off in my 07 GT? I have no other mods so far other than a short throw.

    I'll be adding a Magnaflow 3" cat back as well at the same time.


  2. Yes, you have a pair of O2 sensors after the cats to confirm they are working properly. You either need to get a tune to turn those sensors off or get MIL eliminators. If you don't do that, you'll get a CEL (Check Engine Light). Sounds like a perfect time for you to go ahead and get a cold air kit and tuner from one of the top guys (Brenspeed or Bamachips are 2 highly recomended turners).
  3. +1 on what cbus said, i got the same setup w/ bassani and the tuner fixed the cel problem

  4. I want a tune, but my local guys want around $700 for a tune and dyno. I know I can buy one of the SCT tunes for like $379 or so. I'm thinking these guys want to tune it with a custom tune.
  5. Cold Air Intake + SCT tuner from brenspeed or Bamachips comes with 3 free tunes for your car with the mods you have. So you tell them that you are getting the CAI + tuner package and a Bassani X-pipe and they will write you 3 tunes (87 perf, 91 torque, 91 race or something like that) and just load it up and bam, have fun :nice:
  6. yea man, for probably just under $700, you could get the handheld preloaded and also the cai. sounds like to me they are trying to rip u off:eek:
  7. Do the handheld tunes allow you to adjust things such as new tire sizes as well?
    Will this recalibrate the speedo? Dumb question also, but where is the cpu and how difficult is it to do all of this myself? I have installed a CAI before, so I can handle that, but I have never messed with the CPU.

  8. the computer itself is in the engine bay, on the passenger side. you plug the handheld tuner into it under the steering column, on the dash. just plug it in and follow the instructions. very easy.
  9. I don't know about the others but the SCT does allow you to adjust for tire sizes based on the RPM of the tire, also other things like gears, shift points for auto trannies, rev and speed limiters, as well as some other things I have not messed with. Very simple to do and the results are unreal. :crazy:
  10. i use a predator and you can do such things as recalibrate speedo if you change gears or tire ratio. ive never used the sct, but the predator is very easy. it pretty much walks you thru every step. if you can post threads in this forum, you should have no problem w/ tuner. i was kinda apprehensive at first aslo. it also stores the factory setup when you first plug it in so you can always go back to your factory settings if you think you messed anything up.
  11. OK so i'm pretty up-to-date with computers. I mean I work at a help desk but I have never seen anyone do a tune, never seen anyone with a tuner or know how they work. So basically when you buy a tuner you have to request to have some preloads on them for you car or can you can those somewhere else. Also what about if you already have a tuner can you get preloads installed on them somehow?
  12. see hobos comment about 7 posts before this one
  13. See my previous post about the tuners and how they work when you buy them.

    If you already have a tuner, you have to buy the tunes from one of the online tuners (brenspeed/bamachips) and they will email the file to you. You then need to get an auxillary power supply that plugs into the wall so that you can turn on your tuner while you are at your computer. You can buy that from RadioShack. You will also need a serial cable (at least on the predator) that goes from your computer to the tuner to transfer the tunes from computer to tuner. I've never done that, but I'm pretty sure it would be fairly straightforward if you had the instruction manual next to you. You can buy that serial cable from RadioShack also.
  14. With the SCT it is a USB cable and should come w/ it.