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  1. I'm getting my GT very soon, and once its broken in I'll be doing exhaust ASAP. I'm just trying to figuire out what setup I'll do. I'm thinking X pipe and cutouts right before the mufflers. For the x-pipe, does it eliminate the cats or are the cats still in place? Is there an advantage to buying an xpipe rather then having a muffler house make one themselves and install it?

  2. The X will eliminate your factory mid pipe which includes your cats. You can by a catted x or non catted (off road). If you get the off-road X, you will need to buy mil eliminators to keep your check engine light from tripping.

    AS far as buying an x or having a muffler shop fabricate one, I don't know what to tell you other than most muffler shops that I know of won't touch the mid pipe because they are prohibited by federal law from removing functioning catalytic converters.

    I bought my o/r x from UPR for a $120 on sale and installed it myself. The X with 2 chamber flows sounds awesome on my car.

  3. Thanks. How hard is the install? Do you need to saw or weld, or is it just a matter of a few bolts?
  4. hahahhaha, newbs and their questions. Well let me help you out. First an x pipe can come with or without cats. An x pipe without cats is called and off road x (o/r x). DO NOT get a muffler shop to make you an x pipe, buy one from a reputable company that makes them. If you want the best x pipe out there get the bassani x pipe. Thats what I have. You dont need to weld it in or anything. It just bolts up. Then get a flowmaster cat back( i also have this). That consists of the mufflers and the pipes after them. This is also just a bolt on. No welding require here. Unless you only want mufflers then you have to weld those in. Forget about the cutouts, this isnt an Ls1 equipped car. Go with that setup and you wont regret it. Your car will flow better. And to top it all of get a densecharger to make the air flow better into the engine and out your new badass exhaust. Later.
  5. i would not suggest BBK. seems way too many people having fitment issues, including me
  6. Hey smitty2, just get yourself a bassani. Trust me on that one, no fitment issues,no rusting, and it makes the best sound and power ever. Later.
  7. The UPR x is a two piece bolt on. All I had to do was put the car on jack stands, unbolt the factory H, and replace it with the x. I believe there were 8 bolts total. It took some time, but if you have an extra pair of hands to help you it's not bad at all.

    Here's a link on how to do an install on a Cobra (same procedure as for a GT)


    You will also need to wire in some mils (easy)


    I am by no means a mechanic and I had no problems whatsoever. I've had my UPR X on since June and it has done a great job and sounds great with my two chamber flows.

    I did have the flowchambers welded in by a muffler shop, but everything else I did myself. It is a mod you will be glad you did.
  8. I reccomend an MRT h-pipe.... I quess I just like the way an H adds a little deeper sound and torque.. An X sounds a little high pitched for me...

    Just my 2 cents
  9. Magnapack cat back and Pro Chamber.
  10. Glad you like the dr x Adam! Only way to go is drgas and flow 40's :D Yes, it
    can be a pain to weld in but worth it in performance and exhaust note. With
    my setup, bought the drgas universal kit. Stock cats left on; all new behind
    them. Monro Muf did an excellent install, no leaks. They only had to drill holes
    in mandrel bend connecting cats to x for the o2 sensors. Good luck. Mark
  11. Just dont get a bbk xpipe they sound like a44.I hate mine :bang:
  12. I've got the DrGas with Magnaflow catback. It sounds great! There is kinda a bad drone in 5th gear about 2.2k RPM. But most if that's cause I got a Vert.
  13. i tossed around the idea of dr gas and bassani for a while and got the bassani cause i could put it in myself. I love it but I'll be switching over to the Dr. Gas when I get my LT's cause the exhaust guy I go to said he'd have to hack up the bassani to make it fit and I'd hate to see such an awesome x pipe meet such a painful death.