X-pipe question

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  1. I am looking to put on a true dual exhaust setup on my mustang and I see that pwrhse has the prochambers that go with the true dual exhaust on their web site and if I am not mistaken they are the same ones that go with the 4.6L on the GT. If that is the case, will a MAC or similar X-pipe or H-pipe hook up to our little stallion?

    I am going to put on GT mufflers with the GT stock dual pipes that go on just in front of the mufflers and need some advise on what type of X or H pipe to use.

    I am currently looking at an X-pipe by MAC that has removable straight pipes up front where you can replace the cats with these pipes or use your stock cats. Does anybody have any experience or knowledge if this type of setup will work? Will I have to have the pipes cut, rebend and/or welded to get them to fit? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. You can read all about AND see in photos afixer's solution :hail2: for a dual system here:

    At least one other person on the forums has duplicated this, and I have all the parts on order to be yet another to do the same. Here is how I'm doing it:

    Magnaflow stainless X-pipe from ebay $76 (in hand)
    Driver's side stainless pipe from local Ford dealer $100 (on order)
    2 Ford muffler Brackets and 4 bolts from KC $80 (on order)
    (info for KC here: http://forums.bradbarnett.net/index.php?showtopic=14734 )
    GT take-off mufflers (from "doc" on a forum) $71 (in hand, one installed :) )
    Local quote to install the above $50-100

    So, that's about $325 in parts and $50-100 in labor--looking at $375-425 total---about the same as afixer's expense. I plan to have it installed the same way as afixer, although I might have them weld both sides of the X-pipe rather than clamps (depends on the shop).
  3. hammy do the clamps so you can remove them for repairs to tank or anything. i remember someone who welded and the dealer took a sawzall to them to remove the tank! with the clamps its basicly like the gt
  4. Thanks for the hot tip, I just bought that Magnaflow X-pipe off of Ebay! Next, my question is will the GT pipes hook right up to it? Then, it looks like all I would need (besides the left-sided bracket) would be two pipes in front of the x-pipe to hook this up to the cats? Did either of you two use (or going to use) stainless pipes there? This is way cool and has helped me in my search tremendously! :hail2:
  5. so i just talked to bob at allied he said he just used aluminized tubing. yea stainless would have been cool but in so cal im sure the car will wear out before the 3 feet of pipe he put in. stainless might be an option for guys in wet areas but im not that worried about it.
  6. Thanks for verifying, afixer. Because of my short drives, I worry about moisture in the pipes killing them prematurely!

    And thanks for the rationale about the clamps!! That makes good sense to me now. Hopefully they have some clamps (or are those the Ford originals??)
  7. not sure if they are ford he had them he said they are oe quality. i just thought it made sence for the extra 20 bucks. everything comes apart nice now if i need to.