X pipe question?

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by Zora, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. Do you need too reflash the pc....if you install an x pipe? I already have Pypes Violator axle back muffs......looking too install x pipe.

  2. No, just bolt it on and enjoy.
  3. No only if it is a O/R X pipe ..
  4. It is the O/R X pipe.....The tech line at PYPES said i did not have too reflash for the O/R X. :shrug:
  5. You don't HAVE to reflash as it won't hurt anything, but you will get the CEL. Thats because when you install it, you remove the Cats and the Cat sensors. Doing so makes the computer think something is wrong with the cats and thus the error. I drove my O/R H-Pipe for about a week without any problems (other than the CEL) before my tune came in.
  6. Brenspeed told me it would be fine...but my check engine light would come on till it's reflashed.
  7. Correct, but than again I don't consider that normal so I'd say it'd the "right" thing to do to get the tune.
  8. I got mine re-dyno tuned when I put on an O/R Xpipe..Just to make sure it wasnt going to run too rich, and the fact that I like to be safe rather than sorry...