X-pipe questions on 4V

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 1wildGT, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Are Pypes catted X-pipes any good, they are $250 compared to double that for Magnaflow of Bassani catted X pipes. I want to buy catted X pipes for my 98 cobra (2 chamber flowmaster 40's) and 03 Cobra (Magnaflow CB). My choices are Bassani, Bassani BX (aluminized), Magnaflow, or Pypes. Pypes is the only CARB certified catted X, so that is a plus to me.

    1. Are most Bassani guys running the stainless (more $) or aluminized (BX) versions?

    2. Is the Pypes X any good? Any 4V guys running it?

    3. Any problems with blowing cats on the aftermarket X pipes?
  2. i dont see how you could **** up on a Xpipe. i would go with whatever is cheapest that fits your needs.
  3. The early Bassani's had problems with the cats blowing out, but that problem seems to have been rectified in later production runs. Whether you choose to use the aluminized or stainless steel is up to you. The stainless will last longer and resist corrosion better of course. Most of the high HP Cobra guys who need a catted X pipe run the Magnaflows though. They seem to hold up better and are known for having very resilient cats. I've heard of the Pypes brand before, but have not heard and thing good or bad about them. I'm sure this is because they are not widely in use.

  4. I'm using the BBK

    I went with the BBK cat/x-pipe that matched my BBK long tube headers. I have no complaints. I hear alot of guys saying they like the SLP setup too.
  5. I'm running the Bassani stainless with cats and a Magnaflow catback. No problems. Plenty of track days, etc. Love the sound. IMHO, can't go wrong with stainless. Pay now instead of later.