x-pipe questions

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  1. 1. Will adding a o/r x-pipe lean out the car?
    2. I have a Predator, but I am totally brain farting on what do do to make the emissions work, not throw codes, and still pass when they plug in the OBDII when I do emissions bi-annually.

  2. No, it will not lean out the car. Both Brent from Brenspeed and Doug from Bamachips confirmed that a tune is not needed for an off road pipe.

    I don't think there's anyway to pass emissions with an off road pipe, other than put the stock one back on for testing. To keep from throwing codes, you just need your rear O2 sensors off. Not sure if that's a user end adjustment with the Predator, or if your tuning company has to do it.
  3. I have been told that the predator is just like my SCT and that you have to turn off the rear 02s through the speed shops software and that it is not a user option. but then that is hear say for the predator, I know it true with the SCT because that is what I have and just learned that on Monday from my tuner.
  4. I had an MAC prochamber on my 99, and a Predator, the shop that works on the cars just went through the options somewhere and changed a setting, never threw any codes, and passed emissions. We dont have a sniffer test here for newer cars, all they do is a gas cap pressure check, and plug in a computer thru the OBD port. So I won't need to put the stock one on as they dont sniff the car, and wont until the car is much older then now. Thanks for the help on the lean questions, I wasn't totally sure. Anyone know where in the predator the option is? Or what I need to change? Do I just have to turn the O2's off?
  5. Why not just contact Predator and ask if there is such an option or if it is something they can upload to you. I'd like to know the answer to this too.
  6. i guess they dont physically check for the cats either huh? mil eliminators is an option but i dont know if they will allow you to pass inspections.
  7. Why pay for MIL eliminators when your tuner will turn them off for free? Who did your tune? Some companies like Bamachips and Brenspeed turn them off automatically.
  8. No, they do no physical inspection of anything on the car. Even if it fails they just make you go to a shop, spend a minimum of $150 and try again. And if it fails a second time they pass it. My 99 passed every time with the prochamber and the predator. Our emissions are not anywhere close to CA standards.