X-pipe sound?

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  1. I am ordering an x pipe soon, will there be a noticeable sound difference in comparison to the H-pipe? My current set up is Mac H-pipe with 2 chamber Flowmasters and tailpipes. Im looking for a higher pitch raspier sound. Are any of you using the Jegs X pipe?

  2. From what i hear yes the X-pipe gives you a raspier sound I have an Off road H-pipe and the new Flowmaster super 44's im not liking the sound of them...I to might go to an X how much is the jegs X pipe?...Also please post a before and after sound clip if you can ok...thanks:nice:
  3. I had a mac x pipe with flow maters and they sounded good.
  4. The jegs x cost 165.00 plus handling, pretty good price.
  5. Thanks for the info..Oh yeah dont forget to post a before and after...:nice:
  6. What type of sound..raspy?...or a higher pitched tone?...
  7. It was a raspy sound, deeper if anything, definately not high pitched.
  8. Any sound clips?
  9. No, the car hasn't made a sound since hurricane Ike.
  10. dont get a jegs x pipe. It was decent I had one, save a lil more money and get a dr gas x pipe. the sound is much better and fitment will be better as well, just more work to fit the dr gas.
  11. Your post is confussing...the fitment will be better as well....just more work to fit the dr.gas...so how can fitment be better..seems to me it doesnt fit well if its more work...:shrug:
  12. I noticed at idle the car is quieter and at wot it screams, it is a raspier sound that some people don't care for. I run an off road x and mac exhaust and love the sound. I have a stainless one from Pacifica. I also had the same brand on the foxbody I used to have.
  13. Thanks for all the info on the X, I went ahead and ordered the Pypes o/r X it was $169 shipped and no handling. I want the exhaust note to be raspy Im kinda tired of the sound it has now. Depending on how good it sounds with Flowmasters 40's I will decide if to get the Dynomax race bullets soon.

    Oh bought it from Blue Oval Industries.
  14. My 90 has Mac headers with a Mac off road X and 2 chamber flowmasters. Raspy, but definitely not high pitched at all. Here is an idle clip, sorry for not having a rev clip, but I may be able to post one tomorrow.

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  15. Video clip not loading.
  16. the dr gas comes in 5 pieces to allow for a custom fit to your car where as the jegs pipe comes in 3 pieces. my jegs scraped everywhere and the dr gas is much closer to the floorboard where the mufflers bolt up.
  17. Oh ok i got ya now....:nice:Thanks for the info....
  18. no problem. the dr gas only fits a 5 spd car too. if you look at them side by side, the crossover on the dr gas is underneath the transmission as opposed to behind the tranny crossmember on the other xpipes out there. this creates a totally different sound than any other xpipe on the road.
  19. I just put on my catted BBK X and shorty headers and with my race bullets it has that screamy sound that I love sounds great!