"X"pipe vs. "H"pipe

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  1. ok, so today my friend goes..."hey, why didnt you get a X-PIPE?" and then i think to myself...ummm, i dunno. so im asking anyone who knows, what exactly is the difference between the X-pipe and the H-pipe. to me, they look like they do pretty much the same thing. your help will be much appreciated. thanks!
  2. Well for one it is the shape, of course. The X-pipe is said to give more performance, whereas the H-pipe is said to have a more "muscular" sound. Please forgive me if I am wrong.
  3. That and you could put cats on an H. X is for off road or cars without emissions
  4. i thought "H" was the performance one hmm wow guess u learn somthing new everyday..... :shrug:
  5. X pipes can be made with cats, too. Ask the folks @ BBK.

  6. I'm pretty sure, but I could be wrong. Something about better mix of gases between the two pipes I think.
  7. I thought the X pipe gave better performace, and the H pipe a better sound. Both types come with cats or no cats. That much I'm sure of.
  8. they will only add 1-2 hp on an even fire V6 like the 3.8. they work great on V8`s because they have an odd fireing order and the x or H balances out exhaust pulses between cylinder banks. V8`s can see 5-8hp with them an even fire V6 1-2hp if any at all

    they will make the exhaust note alittle more quiet also
  9. x improve top end hp
    h improve low end TQ

    on a stock car we are talking ±1-2 hp/tq

    h = think muscle car
    x = think nascar
  10. But it sounds so much better to say you have an x-pipe it jsut sounds cooler hehe
  11. yea but your exhasut sounds a heck of alot cooler with the H pipe. The X pipe has a higher pitched sound. THe H has that low rumble.
  12. woah 77 sleeper finally got it right! I chose the X because in my research, the X is going to give you more viscosity on your exhaust, giving you a little more hp on it, plus the sound is quite a bit louder, however that was one i had misunderstood. You can either go with or without cats on both pipe setups. I have cats (for now) on my X pipe.

    And Lynx, yes the X will give you a low rumble. Listen to my exhaust right as it cranks up and at idle...i've been told it sounds somewhat like a jet boat.
  13. I recently put a MAC H pipe w/o cats on my 2000 mustang, it sounds awsome. really deep, except at really high rpm. I could tell a fairly noticable increase in HP. I know most people say it doesn't help much, but it does. definitly go with the H pipe.