X-pipe VS H-Pipe

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  1. I am ordering a new x/h- pipe tommorrow and need to know which one to get. What are the differences sound wise? I am getting an off road pipe also. And along with my straight pipes It may satisfy my want for ungodly loudness. I know I will lose some HP but O well.
  2. H-Pipe will have a deeper sound
  3. X pipe screams over 4k. You sure you want to go with straight pipes? I know a guy that had straight pipes with Mac LTs and ProChamber and it sounded like complete dog****.
  4. I have a H-pipe without cats and flowmaster 40's. I don't have any headers yet, but it screams when I step on it and has a decent rumble at idle. It drones though around 2k and I'm really starting to hate that...
  5. Drone dosent bother me. I drove with the exhaust coming out at the cats when I got the car, That lasted like 3 months, I got tired of the change rattlng. now I have turndowns and it rattles the button on my e-brake cover. I can tune stuff out real well. Living with as many sister as I did help me in that way. lol
  6. drone is different, it will bother you,thats a whole other thread. I understand the x pipe has more ergo sound. I have an h and had a hell of a time killin the drone. I asked alot of questions at hot rod shows..it seems the x is the way to go.
  7. TRIAX!!!

    Ooops wrong thread.

    Seriously though, an X pipe makes more power. And anything will scream turning 5000 rpms. I liked the tinnier sound at idle of the X better as well.

    Its such a subjective thing though that you're best bet is to go to a car show / exhaust clip website and listen for what you like and do that.

  8. Yes, if it says for shorties ..... it will bolt up to the stock manifolds.
  9. Though so, just wanted to make sure.
  10. go for an x-pipe....its a deeper rumble it sounds better at idle as when you drive...the h-pipe sounds more high pitch just like a race car....experience from a 95 cobra (wife's) and a 95 gt(brother-n-law)....good luck on your decision....

  11. I think you may have them mixed up. H-pipe = deeper & X-pipe = raspier.
  12. H-pipe here.
  13. i have a bbk o/r h, with stock mufflers for now.. i like the sound..
  14. I have the prochamber and like the sound. Adam, where does it say that the x makes more hp, no pun intended, but I seriously would like to know so I can reference it. I have had an h-pipe, prochamber, and a buddy has a bassani x on his 92 fox. And to be honest, the H is the best sounding. Drone only happens at a certain rpm, you'll learn where and you'll try to avoid it. I say go with the h. There really isn't a power difference between x and h, it's more of a sound preference. And yes, get the tri-ax. lol
  15. well i know in the studies of lots of air intakes, those with more bends seem to loose horsepower.and i know this bend which would slow down velocity can be proven with some physics. i would think the theory would be the same with a H-pipe where gases forced by pressure may stop and make a 90degree turn. where as a TRUE x design like Dr. Gas X, VRS or the UPR pieces offer a straighter flowing exit while still allowing for the crossover to happen. and i definatly felt a gain with my offroad x pipe compared to the stock H pipe. tho i cant compare it yet to any other mid pipes
  16. Love my H-pipe
  17. seventymach1.....actually in my experience when i had my 92gt with a custom 2-1/2" x-pipe w/flowmasters(before i sold it 4 weeks ago to buy my cobra)sounded a deeper rumble(granted i had an e303 in it) compared to my wife's 95 cobra w/ h-pipe w/ mac mufflers and my brothers 95 gt w/ h-pipe w/flowmaster.... they had a higher pitch then my car.....she's getting a x-pipe built for her car....so as i stated before in my experience my x-pipe sounded deeper then the 2 h-pipes
    that i was around..........
  18. Deep muscle car sound vs. exotic higher pitched sound. Take your pick.
  19. Well I just ordered the BBK o/r h-pipe from summit.
    Thanks guys.