X-pipe Vs. H-pipe?

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  1. Which one makes more power? I just recently bought a used BBK X-Pipe for my 92 LX for $200 bucks. Had an old road H-Pipe on my other Fox body. Just found a good deal with the X so I went for it. Thanks for input.
  2. I doubt you will see a gain on a street car. go with the one that you like the sound of best.
  3. There has been a lot of discussion on this in the past. Lots of different dyno tests quoted. I think the general con census was that it didn't make any difference in power. There is definitely a difference in sound.

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  4. IMO the H pipe has a deeper tone. Minimal difference in HP on a street car. Also know that if you have an AOD some X pipes won't clear it..
  5. No real difference in power but the H-pipe produces a deeper, rumbly American muscle car tone while the X-pipe produces a raspier crackle more familiar to European V8 muscle cars.