X-Pipe worth it w/my setup?

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  1. First off this is my first post and just want to say Hi to everyone!

    I got a stock 08 GT 5spd and I'm getting some of those new Flowmaster Delta 44s. I'm not planning on doing any other modifications (i.e. headers, tune, etc.) until my warranty runs out. My understanding is that mufflers by themselves are not going to make any real gains and even with the X-pipe I'm not going to notice much but I read it does effect the tone of the exhaust. Unless the sound is "dead SEXay" or I'm getting NOTICABLE performance gains I will not want to pay extra right now for the pipes. Any opinions or knowledge on the subject would be much appreciated.

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  2. Welcome.

    If you go with an off-road x-pipe you will have a definite improvement in sound but not really much in the power department. It doesn't sound to me that a catted x-pipe would be something you would be interested in. Also, be aware that you will need to buy either MIL eliminators or a tuner to get rid of the check engine light if you go without cats.

    You probably should just stick to the mufflers for now until you see how it sounds.

    I'm not really sure why you are against getting a tune, but for whatever my opinion is worth the stock tune is the worst part of these cars. Throttle response improvement alone makes a world of difference and the Brenspeed/Bama tunes are proven to be safe a thousand times over.

    Have fun with the new ride.
  3. Oh heck yea, go for 'em! I have the hi-flo catted Stainless Works X-pipes and let me tell you it makes a difference!
  4. I'm not anti-tune by anymeans, but I have been told by my Ford dealership for me not to void warranty I will have to get Ford performance parts only (with the exceptioin of mufflers) and I will have to have my Ford parts installed by a Ford dealership. Yes, I know Ford has a tune BUT I want something more aggressive than the Ford tune and better than the Ford cold air kit. On that note I was looking at the Ford X-pipe not the whole replacement pipe thing like the SLPs etc.

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  5. You can drop in a K&N CAI to gain some performance without voiding your warranty. As for the tune a SCT is nice but you seem really concerned about the warranty and I don't know your dealership warranty so I can't really say but I know a K&N would not void it. Flows will only get you sound and hardly any performance and an X will gain you little.
  6. And A TUNE WILL void you warrenty...... mil eliminators dont work on 07 and above !
  7. This of course I think is a preference I had my bassani exhaust put in with the catted basani xpipe and it was great but to tell you the truth switching to an off road xpipe was by far one of the best invesments feels like it woke the car up.
  8. How does that workout when it comes to emission times?

  9. You got two options, you can swap the stock back on when your smog test comes around or you can find someone who will pass it for you and most likely you will have to slip him some extra cash, it's up to you.
  10. Well I went the Po'Boy route and just took off the mufflers....sounds pretty cool not too loud and the price was right.....

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  11. Check out this