X pipe???

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by EvilEyez, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. Thinking of changing My X pipe for an H pipe. My girl has an 02 Gt, will my Cobra X pipe fit on Her Gt??? Just wondering, she wants her car even louder, and I want something new. :shrug:
  2. Yes, it will be a little longer but that won't hurt... an x-pipe for a GT won't fit a cobra due to the the longer trannys... But the flanges on the stock manifolds are the same.
  3. Hmmmm..... That must be a trait shared only by the Bassani X-pipe. I know the Magnaflow X-pipe, both catted and O/R, are interchangeable between the Cobra & GT. Same part numbers.

  4. Throw on a magnaflow! Heard a cobra with the same setup as me except with BBK LT's and almost started crying, soooooooooooo beautiful :hail2:
  5. You are thinking about the 96-98 GT's and Cobra's...their mid pipes aren't compatible between each other because of the tranny cross member...The 99+ Cobra's and GT's use the same H- or X-pipes...
  6. Thanks for the info, now I just need to decide what H pipe to go with. :shrug:
  7. MAC or MRT are really the only 2 choices you have I believe
  8. Yea, if she wants it louder... x-pipe without cats and magnaflow cat-back... very nice! I have sound clips/videos in my sig... of the exact setup :)