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  1. i thought a saw a x pipe somewher that was only about 18" long, i thought it was magna flows but now i cant find it, anyone seen this item and where?
    thanks, don
  2. A short mid-pipe is for Long Tube Headers.
  3. any idea where?

  4. donnyonee,

    If you want to simply remove your stock H pipe section and add a nice X-pipe Bassanni has a very good SS part. All you have to do is measure and cut the stock H pipe after the cats and clamp the Bassanni X pipe in place at both ends of the X-pipe. Makes for a nice sounding car even with stock rear mufflers and if you add a good set of heades like JBA shortys you will have about all you can get out of the exhaust without going to an off road X or H-pipe and JBA long tube headers which is really LOUD even with the stock rear mufflers in place not to mention very illegal!

    Running catless with headers and straight rear mufflers makes less torque but with good HP numbers. Running with a good set of shorty headers, high flow cats and X-pipe along with the stock rear mufflers seems to make the best power for these 3 valve N.A. motors with bolt-ons. I dyno'd this combo (JBA shortys, Magnaflow Tru-X pipe w/OBDII compliant high flow cats stock mid pipes and stock rear mufflers), and found that for the best torque I needed to keep some back pressure in exhaust system or you kill the mid-range torque. If you run a set of JBA shortys and keep the stock Ford cats, add the Bassanni X-pipe and some kind of straight through rear mufflers like Magnaflow, FRPP/Borla or Corsa you will have a nice sounding system with about as much power as you can get just like the previous system and it will still be loud when you get on it but not LOUD all the time. Add a blower and all bets are off, flow matters with a blower.

    Hopes this helps!