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  1. how does an x-pipe sound on a 5.0? I know the different companies will sound slightly different since the pipes look a little different. i know a guy with a 98 cobra with bassani x which of course has the 32v 4.6, his car sounds awesome. I have an o/r h with flowmaster dumps and was just wondering how a 5.0 would compare to the 4.6 x pipe sound.
  2. The X pipe will have a more raspy sound to it, but it still won't sound like the 4.6 does. I have an offroad X and Flowmasters on my 95, and I personally like the sound, but it's all relative to your own preference.
  3. I have an O/R X and MAC catback and it sounds pretty damn great
  4. How bad is the drone with your dumped Flowmasters? I'm thinking of taking my tailpipes off, since they rusted from the lovely midwest winters.
  5. The Bassani X pipe sounds perfect! :nice:
  6. Took me awhile to get used to but I really enjoy the sound of my catted Pypes X-pipe.
  7. I have the catted Pypes X and It sounds like NASCAR to me.
    It still has the drone but not as deep. I really like it.
  8. I had upr x-pipe with flowmasters on my car and loved the sound.
  9. The drone from the dumped flows can get pretty loud at ceretain rpm's. i have 4.10's so my tach is off so i donn't know exactly what rpm it drones at. I personally like the sound of the cut offs, but like all exhausts it all depends on the ear of the guy paying for it.
  10. I am on the other side of the coin. My buddy has a bassani x on his fox and I really don't like the sound. IMHO, the h-pipe makes the car sound "better". I use that term loosely, cause that's what I like. But since you have an h-pipe already and don't like it, well try it and see what you think.
  11. I have an x-pipe, it si more throaty/raspy.....Got rid of my h-pipe and I wish I didn't. I guess I just like the deep h sound.:shrug:
  12. ive got a bassani catted X with flows...sounds great, way better than the stock h-pipe sounded with the flows, alot raspier
  13. Mine just sounds plain hot. Orgasmic hot. Seriously.