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  1. soo im thinkin about buy an x-pipe for my mustang and i was wondering what your guys oppions were... i was thinkin bassani bx x pipe with hi flow cats.. :shrug:
  2. That same X pipe was the second thing I did to my car. Whatever sound your car is making now, the X pipe will amplify it:nice:
  3. hi-flo x makes a good deal of difference to the sound - recommended:nice:
  4. I also run the Bassani X with hiflo cats. I love the sound (it was VERY loud the first day and then progressively got more tame but still more aggressive and louder than stock). However, my question to others who run the X pipe is if they have any problems scraping it while driving? It seems to stick down more than the stock H pipe and I find myself scraping it on road humps (big, wide speed bumps) and other semi-abrupt changes in the road surface that I don't think should be a problem. I haven't lowered the car in any way, although I want to eventually but now I'm afraid I'll rip the exhaust right off on any little bump!
  5. Wow, I haven't scraped mine at all, and I am lowered!:shrug:
    You could try loosening all the bolts on each end of your pipe, then throwing a jack under it and lifting it up to reasonable height and retighening everything. I do that each time I swap pipes so I can make sure everything stays nice and tucked.
  6. I had the same system and it sounded great with the cats on, if you remove them and run it as an off road pipes be prepared, very rasspy. I also had a problem with them being to low and draging on large speed bumps, the hanger on the left also touched the transmision cross member support and vibrated the hell out of the car so be careful about trying to put a jack under it and the tightning it.
  7. i just lowered my car tooo :bang: btw probably the best thing ive done so far:nice: