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  1. sorry, but what are the x and a plans when buying a car?
  2. Employee & Employee of Suppliers plans. With the current incentives you could buy a car for less without these incentives.
  3. Who told you about that? Some salesman? I'm asking because I work for Halliburton and we have an X-Plan to buy ford, lincon, mercury and volvo vehicles. It's really a fleet incentive program but they called it the X-Plan.

    Basically I pay 4% + $150 above dealer invoice for any of the above mentioned vehicles. Not a bad plan huh? We also get a discount on GM's but it's not as good as the Ford X-Plan. I'm pretty fortunate to get this incentive so I'm going to get that new Mustang before my Halliburton career is up.
  4. x-plan buyers are still eligible for most incentives.
  5. yep. the only fords without incentives on them right now are the remaining cobras on the dealer lots. you can get machs, GT's, trucks, etc with xplan and still use the factory to dealer incentives to get a great deal :)
  6. When I bought my '03 under the x-plan, it was 4% plus $150 above a-plan or employee price; not above invoice.

    At least for me, those x-plan numbers came out to being about the same as invoice. Plus, I still then got the then-current rebates subtracted off the x-plan price too.

    True, today one could probably get near invoice by just walking off the street. However, back then, it wasn't all that easy. The x-plan was basically invoice pricing with no haggling.

    Plus, with x-plan, you actually get your name on the window sticker! :nice:

  7. Your Name on the sticker, now that's cool.
  8. I pay 4% above A-plan price, without the additional $150. Thanks Sprint! Got a new Mach 1 (Azure Blue) for $23,500.
  10. Here is Ford's offical answer to the question, "Am I eligible for other incentives?"

    One can not only get all the current incentives for your area, sometimes there are even additional, extra, ones for those using the discount plans. For example, if one buys a Jaguar under one of the plans during the month of March 2004, one gets an additional $1000 rebate over that offered regular customers.
  11. Are you sure?

    This is what Ford says "A-Plan + 4% + $150"
  12. That extra cash is nice but unfortunately it doesn't come around all that often. I'm hoping they offer the extra $500 for X-Mas again because that's when I'll most likely be shopping for an '05. :nice:
  13. I work at a Ford dealer and -X- is not a set % in relation to invoice,msrp,A,Z,D plan
    it's just a # that Ford issues and you do get all incentives and sometimes more.-X- is sometimes a little over invoice and sometimes under depending on the vehicle

    And if anyone ever wants to know exactly what the incentives are give me a shout.
  14. H ell yeah I want to know. That would be cool :nice: . The Halliburton X-Plan is pretty cut and dry, 4% + $150 over dealer invoice. Now if I'm also eligible for incentives that would be cool as h ell. Because if I'm eligible for incentives as well that would put me at damn near invoice. And that's the lowest price I'm going to get on a new Mustang without actually working for Ford.

    I'm going to check on Hal-World and see if I'm eligible for incentives as well.

    Thanks for the info.
  15. My brother is buying his mach 1 this weekend, just waiting for a dealer trade. He is getting the $3000 off + his x-plan incentive, which I believe is 9.7% off for him. Azure blue Mach 1 at a cheap price. :drool: :banana:
  16. Back in Oct, I walked in off the street as a previous customer of the sales manager and got my '03 Mach (Azure Blue, Auto) for $22,300. I don't care how he got there. 30 minutes later I was on my way home with it. I feel I got a good deal.
  17. If it is early in the model year, or the vehicle is a hot seller, X plan can save you some significant bucks. However when you are buying a leftover from the prior model year, like GaPony's 03 Mach 1 that he bought in Oct 03, most of the time you can walk in to a dealer and negotiate a better price than X. Remember that X is higher than the dealer's invoice price and their real cost is below invoice due to the holdback. In addition at the end of the model year there is often dealer cash (in addition to rebates) which further lowers the dealer's cost.

    X plan will be of great value when the 05 first comes out as I expect many of the dealers to try to get MSRP or even higher. But in a year or so you'll probably be able to buy a Mustang for X price or less w/o using X plan.

    My understanding of X is that not all dealers participate in X plan. The dealership chooses to participate in X or not. Now if the dealer does participate in X sales, they CANNOT refuse to sell you a hot selling car on X. That is they can't pick and choose which vehicles they sell on X and which they do not. They are either a participating X plan dealer or they are not. There is no middle ground.
  18. I get all of my cars on "D-Plan".

    Each salesman is allowed 2 "D-Plan" sales a year. They are for direct family members only and Ford uses it as a "spif" to the salesmen.

    2002 Ford Escape V6 XLT fully laoded
    MSRP at time of sale = $26,000
    After dealer mark up = $29,500
    Dealer paid Ford = $23,000
    Rebate and incentives = $2000
    We paid the dealer =$21,000
    Ford paid Dealer back $5000 (difference between sales price and MSRP)

    So they were asking $29,000 and we paid $21,000
  19. No you don't. Via Sprint, it's X-Plan, which is A-Plan + 4% + $150. Just like I did on my 03 GT. This is according to www.fordpartner.com via the Sprint HR employee discount intranet page.

    If you got it without the $150, it wasn't because of Sprint. :nice:
  20. I don't remember the exact dates. Ford added the $150 to the x-plan prices sometime in the beginning of 2002. The '03 Mach 1 was announced in early 2002, and Ford started taking orders for '03 Mach 1's before the other '03 Mustangs. It could be possible that if someone ordered a '03 Mach 1 under the x-plan very, very early, they could have gotten their order in before the $150 was added.

    However, just as you stated, the x-plan prices are, today, "a-plan + 4% + $150". That is set by Ford, and is the same for everyone under the x-plan. It doesn't vary, nor is it negotiable.