x-plan, a-plan??

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  1. Ive been seeing in the forums people talking about these different types of plans, ie. invoice +2% or 500 over invoice and so on. First question, is there someplace i can go to see what plans are available and what they are. Second are these only available when financing through Ford Motor Credit? Last, how exactly do you go about getting to choose what plan youre going with?

  2. A, Z, D, and X plans you need to work for ford, have worked for ford or know someone who does that is nice enough to give away their discount to you. They get 2 a year of the first 3 and 4 Xs a year. A, Z, D are usually under invoice and X is usually $100-200 over or something like that, depends on car, but if you are a shrewd negotiator, knowing the invoice of the car dont pay for more than $500 over, otherwise your getting screwed and thats with any car not just fords. Anyone ever paying sticker on a car is getting suckered.
  3. just for reference, there is a black 05 GT manual at my local dealer. sticker is $27k and a-plan is $24k.
  4. Actually X-plan is for Ford Partner companies, generally suppliers, etc. I don't work for Ford (nor do I know anyone who does) but I have X-plan because my employer is a major supplier to Ford.
  5. I didnt know that. Thats good to know but I also know that people that work for ford still get those. Thanks.
  6. I believe Ford employees get A-plan. I'm not sure who gets the other plans. :scratch:
  7. A = Ford Employees & immediate family
    D = Dealer employees
    Z = Retired Ford employees
    X = Extended family & friends of Ford employees + Ford suppliers
  8. Thanks a lot for the info. I dont know anybody that would be able to set me up with one of the plans. Ill just have to find out what the dealer invoice would be and not go too high over that.

    Anybody know of any websites that list the holdback and other factory incentives for the dealership?
  9. X Plan

    I work for Lockheed Martin @ NASA and we get the X Plan, I spoke to a internet dealer a few days ago and he quoted me :flag: :flag: 26,900 for a GT, lthr, interior upgrade, upgrade wheels, Shaker 1000, alarm system (basically I said "I wanted it all the way" without the red interior, so it had every option)
  10. I belive that the holdback is 3% of MSRP.

    Presently, there are no incentives on the 2005 Mustang. To find incentives simply go to ford.com, select the vehicle you want , select built your vehicle, type in your zip code, select show incentives. Can't get any simpler than that.

    I would not expect any incenteives for at least 6 months, maybe longer.

    But, there is a rumor floating around that in Jan Ford will offer a $500 rebate for existing Mustang owners. :shrug:
  11. It was apparently just changed by Ford.

    Extended family and friends of Ford employees now get A-plan pricing instead of X-plan. :nice:
  12. do you have proof of the "friends" part I wont believe that unless i see some official documents. Even though it would be cheaper for ford to do that than track down all of the fraudulent a/d/z plan purchases every year
  13. I belive that Ford employees and retirees get 4 X plan PINs to give out each year.

    The rumor, started on BON was that employees would get 1 additional A plan PIN to give out to friends.

    But, I have NOT seen any proof of this. Untill I see this in writing from Ford, I will have to assume that the person who started this rumor on BON was trying to shake down some unsuspecting Ford employee for an A plan PIN.

    I'd love to be able to get A instead of X, but show me the proof, I have not seen any.
  14. I am not too sure what proof you need.

    Are you claiming that the employee bulletins you got from Ford did not mention it???
  15. I am not a Ford employee. The Ford employee who I've gotten X pins from says that he had not heard or seen anything about being able to give A plan pins to friends & extended family. As far as he know there has not been any change in the A-Z proram.

    The proof I need is for Ford employees receive written (could be e-mail) notification about any such change in the A-Z program.
  16. I am not am employee either. I got my x-plan through the Ford Partnership program. I check on that website, and found nothing, but since the Partnership program is staying x-plan, that didn't surprise me.

    The original person who posted it said it was in his recent Employee Bulletin. At this point, I have no reason to believe he is lying or making it up, and therefore, I am just taking him at his word.
  17. Who's Eligible?

    · All active full-time hourly employees and regular and supplemental salaried employees, beginning with their date of hire.

    · All hourly retirees receiving a normal, early (regular or special) or disability retirement benefit, as long as any medical benefits are being received.

    · Salaried retirees who retired under the General Retirement Plan, including salaried employees who terminate between the ages of 50-55 and who are eligible to receive certain deferred retirement benefits, are eligible while they are receiving benefits.

    · Surviving Spouses of employees who died while actively employed and Surviving Spouses of retirees who retired under the General Retirement Plan, or who are receiving benefits under the Ford-UAW Retirement Plan.

    · Employees on an approved leave of absence, for the duration of the leave or until expiration of any medical benefits.

    · Employees on layoff for the first 12 months of the layoff.

    · All regular part-time hourly and salaried employees who are eligible to receive medical benefits.

    · Deferred Vested Retirees while they are receiving a Ford pension check.

    · Members of the immediate family of the above. "Immediate family" means the following relatives of the employee or retiree:

    o Spouse

    o Parents

    o Spouse's parents

    o Sons and daughters (including in-laws and step-children)

    o Grandchildren

    o Brothers and sisters (including in-laws, half and step)

    o Same-sex domestic partners of eligible active employees *

    o Immediate family members of eligible same-sex domestic partners *

    * When audited, the employee must provide a notarized affidavit, dated prior to the sale date, that a same-sex domestic partnership exists. The Company defines a same-sex domestic partnership as a relationship between two people who meet ALL of the following criteria:

    · Are the same sex

    · Have shared a continuous committed relationship with each other for no less than 6 (six) months, intend to do so indefinitely, and they have no such relationship with any other person

    · Are jointly responsible for each other's welfare and financial obligations

    · Reside in the same household

    · Are not related by blood to a degree of kinship that would prevent marriage from being recognized under the laws of their state of residence

    · Must reside in a state where marriage between persons of the same sex is not recognized as a valid marriage, or, if residing in a state which recognizes same-sex unions, enter into such union as recognized by the state

    · Each is over the age of 18, of legal age, and legally competent to enter a contract

    · Neither is married to a third party

    NOTE: When both the employee/retiree and his/her spouse are deceased, surviving family members are no longer eligible.

    Who's Not?

    · UAW represented hourly employees, retirees, surviving spouses and their immediate family members are ineligible for Jaguar, Volvo, Land Rover, and Mazda* purchases or leases.

    *Mazda Products built in UAW assembly plants are eligible for purchase.

    · Non-employees, including agency or contract personnel

    · Employees who terminate, effective with the date of termination

    · All other family members not mentioned above as eligible, including but not limited to:

    o grandparents

    o cousins

    o uncles

    o aunts

    o nephews

    o nieces

    · Family members of Surviving Spouses after the Surviving Spouse is deceased

    · All others not specifically mentioned as eligible in the preceding section

    NOTE: Employees, Retirees and Surviving Spouses may be asked to document the eligibility of family members they sponsor. Submission of birth certificates, marriage licenses etc., may be required by Plan Administration. Failure to provide adequate documentation may result in suspension of the Sponsor’s Plan privileges and/or the Sponsor having to re-pay any dealer commissions and the Sponsor being subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination (see Conditions).
  18. i have a few x-pins to give out
  19. Go back and read it again. The person who posted "an employee bulletin said "Friends" were now eligible for a plan" was soliciting an A plan PIN from an Ford employee. To me it was a pretty clear attempt at a shakedown.

  20. I'll take one.