x-plan, a-plan??

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  1. For something which might help substantiate this, check out a article in the Detroit News Autos Insider called "Visteon: Buy a Ford, get a $1,000 bonus".

    In particular, the paragraph starting with "Last week, Ford informed more than 200,000 employees and retirees that they can now share special discounts...". I believe their reference to "4 percent below the invoice price dealers pay for a vehicle" is the A-plan price, no?
  2. I found another article in the Detroit News, which says basically the same thing, but adds...

    "Workers who are especially successful convincing friends and family to buy Fords will get a bonus: a die-cast model of the company's new GT sports car autographed by Chairman and CEO Bill Ford Jr.

    Ford now expects to sell more than 300,000 of its 2005 model-year vehicles through the discount plans.

    While Ford allows employees or retirees to refer up to eight people for discounts, no more than four can receive its highest designations. Known as the A-plan for active employees and Z-plan for retirees, they make vehicles available at dealer cost.
  3. I'll take one too!
  4. Z plan has a $1000 cash back offer until nov 30 2004 . can be used on the 2005 mustang if your lucky !! REAL LUCKY
  5. This is getting interesting.

    A UAW local (local not national) web site says that Ford employees are going to get 2 additional X plan PINS (this is what Det News also says) and 1 additional A plan PIN to give to friends or extended family . It says that employees will get an e-mail giving details. But I do not belive that Ford employees have yet received any e-mail telling them about this new, extra A plan PIN.

    So either the UAW local knows something everyone else doesn't know, of they have mis-understood what Ford told them . :shrug:
  6. i work at ups and i get the X-plan