X-Plan... Denied!

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  1. Well, I was ready to buy, and they had what I wanted: black 2005 Mustang GT Deluxe (manual) at Team Ford of Atlanta, but they flat out denied to honor the X-Plan price. Not only that, but they were selling them for more than MSRP. I forgot by how much but I think it was a 'market adjustment' of around $600 or $700 more. Needless to say, I walked away.

    Anyone else running into this? I know it's up to the dealership whether they want to honor the X-Plan price, but I've been watching their inventory and that black GT had been sitting there for a week, unsold.
  2. uh
    are they allowed to do that???

  3. I guess, they did it to me. I got the money in the bank, they don't want it!
  4. Most of the dealers around me are asking OVER sticker for their GTs.

    You just need some patience. A local dealer had 3 - 2003 Mach 1s. The 1st sold for $5K over sticker. The other 2 sat on their lots for a LONG time as they were still asking $5K over sticker. Next thing they had adds in the local newspaper @ $5K over sticker. A couple months later they sold the 2nd for sticker. The 3rd was sold many months later for less than sticker.

    One dealer has 2 GTs and is asking sticker. I told them to call me when they are selling them @ X plan.
  5. Yep, that's what I'm doing. I'm just telling them to call me when they start doing the X plan. I don't blame them for trying to get what they can for it, but I can wait. I drove my current car off the showroom floor over 15 years ago, so I'm pretty good at waiting :)
  6. Yes.
  7. X-plan?

    I am going to buy an 05 have cash what is this X-plan? I live in Reno Nevada and the local dealer hasn't even gotten ant 05 yet. I may go to Cal. Also did I here that a Cobra is coming tward the end of the year? If so I may wait (500HP I heard)
  8. hmm
    i thought those plans (a/d/x or whatever) are there to reward friends and family of employees (and themselves) so how can they deny it?

    that's not cool :nonono:
  9. A Cobra at the end of this year? :bs: Sorry bro, its still a ways off on those.
  10. They do not have to honor X. Being a car on the lot that is something they have invested in to make money. So they decide not too. BUT I bet if you placed an order for one with the X, they would honor it.

  11. X plan is a fixed discounted price for employees of Ford suppliers and friends of Ford employees.

    X plan usually works out to be about $250 over dealer invoice price.

    It is up to the dealer whether they sell cars under A, D, X & Z plans or not.

    We have discussed X (& A-Z plans in general) many times so you can look for the past discussions.
  12. However if a car, like the 2005 Mustang, is in short supply, letting you order an '05 Mustang under X will use up one of the dealer's montly allocation of '05 Stangs, so if the dealer thinks they can sell ALL of their allocated Stangs for more than X they could refuse to order you one under X.

  13. I've found a local dealer just outside of Atlanta that will let me order one on the X Plan. I may do that, as soon as they get a 5 spd manual in for me to test drive.
  14. Hey Jason,

    I am up here about 40 miles north of ATL. I went to see the Stangs at TEAM a few weeks ago. Back then they had them marked up for $5000 over invoice! So looks like they are starting to come down a bit.

    I ended up ordering mine from out of state. Best deal around but that was back end of Sept. Still have no VIN number so not sure if it was a good choice or not. But for $50 over invoice. I guess I have to be patient?
  15. I think its horrible for the Dealership to sell them over MSRP...up here in Canada....they can't.
  16. I spoke with sales person in Austin and he said the GM wants to they said sell at least 10 at MSRP price first before allowing to be sold on X plan. I didn't push it because there wasn't any in the area that I was looking for. Silver 05 GT Premium Auto w/Shaker 500.
  17. The only way I could use the "X" plan was to order my Mustang GT. I was told by the dealer that the mustangs on the lot were their way of making a profit. However as for orders, they come straight from the factory to customers, and the dealer is paid a set commission.
  18. Patience is a virtue. I was told that ordering one would take 4-6 weeks at this point, but I don't know if that's really the case. I hear people like you are waiting longer, so that makes me hesitate to order. I'd prefer to just buy one off the lot since I'm not all that picky on options, but I do want to use the x plan to get the discount.
  19. I think that site is for friends of sponsoring Ford employee/retirees. I'm getting the X plan discount from the partner recognition program through the company I work for, so I don't seem to have access to that site.