X-Plan... Denied!

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  1. Strange thing is some who order are getting them quick and some are having to wait a looong time even for a VIN number. I never ordered before so I figured new car, new body style, etc.... I kinda knew my wait would be long. But now that see other are getting theirs already my patience is starting to wear :bang: Anyway, I'll give it another few weeks. Maybe it will show up around x-mas time?

    Keep us posted. If you want I can give the names of a few guys up here I have spoke with. One mentioned x-plan to me for a black they had on the lot.
    He let me test drive it this week. :D I even told him I had one on order. But he did not care. He just wanted me to take it for a ride thinking I would jump all over it after we were done test driving.
  2. My company offers the X Plan as a perk to employees and their spouses and it is through the one dealer that they do all of their leasing through. The dealer initially said X Plan only on the V6 model, which I did not want due to a lack of a manual transmission for the car at this time. I mentioned this to my employer, who immediately called the dealership. I get the paperwork on Monday to order my GT from that dealer. :)

    As for delivery time, the person I am working with over at the dealer said she is still being told 8 to 12 weeks, which is fine with me since I can't take delivery for at least ten weeks.


  3. Although I already used up my 1 x-plan PIN, I still have access to the site. If you want, post your zip code and I will look-up what dealer nearest to you has inventory w/x-plan prices.
  4. Jim Tidwel in Kennesaw had a Silver GT that I wanted. They would not do an X-plan, but they went $500 under MSRP, and they would sell me the extended warranty at the X-plan discount. I decided to wait until I could get an X-plan. Cherokee ford in Woodstock is charging $1250 for a wax job that they claim is good for 5 years, BS! I rather see a "market adjustment", than something like a fake wax job.
  6. Oh no - fake wax jobs ugg. In the late 80s it was fake under coating.
  7. If you're talking about the Ford Direct website, they all show X-plan pricing whether they accept it or not. The site is run by Ford and will display X-Plan pricing to the plan participants but it's solely up to the dealer as to whether they will accept the x-plan discount. Just because you can see the dealers inventory with x-plan pricing means nothing.
  8. Depending on options your X-plan price is roughly 40.00 to 150.00 over invoice. I have found often enough a CHEAPER way in buying a Mustang. It does not have anything to do with X-Plan.
    Here is the deal. I will sell a Mustang at 450.00 over Dealer invoice. Plus your local taxes titling and fees. You become a member of the American Quarter Horse Assc. To join it runs about 40.00 to 50.00 dollars. Min time 30 days. This gets you a 500.00 Dollar Rebate from Ford. In thus buying one for under Dealer invoice. I can drop ship at most Ford dealerships. If you want e-mail me with your zip code I will make sure this is good in your area. If have already ordered your Mustang and its over 30 days away? I would suggest you look into the AQHA soon. Any questions let me know. I am here to help. :spot:
  9. So that's how it works. I guess I'm fortunate that nearly all the Ford Dealerships accept the plans here...It might have to do with we have a truck plant here :shrug:

    I forgot anyone can view the x-plan prices and inventory info w/o having to go to the Ford "My Plan" site.

    The link to view inventory in your area is www.forddirect.com
  10. One more thing: I believe you have to click on the Ford Direct link from the X-Plan website (I do it form fordpartner.com) in order to see the x-plan prices. Going straight to Ford Direct will only show MSRP. If there is way to show x-plan without going throught the plan site, I'd sure like to know.

  11. Jason- If the one youe are referring to is the one they got last week-guess what????They bought that car from another dealer for----MSRP!!!!! I'm serious, I was there when they got it and I overheard the GM and SalesManager talking about it. I think they just want to keep one in stock to drive sales and customers in. Still, I don't like that dealership. I would suggest going to Billy Howell Ford In Cumming, its located on Hwy9 North around 141. My salesguy is Tim Choquette and they have been square with me since day one. I would bet they would get you one on x-plan. Tim said they have never marked-up a vehicle...EVER! Give them a shot and tell him Doug Martin sent ya'! Maybe he'll give me something in return and I would split it with you :D
  12. You know, they did seem awfully proud of that car, heh. It makes a lot of sense that they didn't seem to want to even sell it if they bought it for MSRP themselves.

    I haven't checked as far north as Cumming yet, but will sure check with that dealership, thanks!

    Man, this is a great site to be able to find out stuff like this. If you read this site, you'll know more about the new mustang than the dealers.
  13. You know of a dealership in the Atlanta area (or just in Georgia) doing the x-plan on 2005 mustangs in the lot? If so, I'd be interested in which one that is :)
  14. Thanks Doug, I just got off the phone with Tim. They aren't doing the X-Plan on any that they get on the lot cause they sell them at MSRP usually before the car even arrives. I may end up ordering from them under the X Plan, they seem like good folk to do business with.

    Oh, and I did mention your name :)
  15. aah.
  16. All the A/D/X plans are preset from the factory. The dealer gets the invoice, and the price for each plan is printed right on it. We had to only wait for 2 weeks before we could get D plan. I got a brochure with my paycheck yesterday stating I could get a Fully Loaded V-6 05 for 17K. Looking at getting a loaded GT for around 22-23K.