X-Plan for 2006 GT

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  1. It is the same in houston tx. they all want msrp or msrp plus 2k to 4K on top. I guess ford really screwed up this time. I will just wait for another year or two. all the dealers have plenty of v6 models sitting on the lots though.
  2. Uhhh...Yello? I was at the dealer saturday and he was able to give me pricing info.

    I can post each options price, but to sum it up, i paid 21967 for the 06 Mustang.

    The salesrep also signed the New Cehicle Purchase Plan Agreement and pricing sheet, including the section that says the vehicle is under price protection.

    He also took a down payment of 500 bucks. Are you saying he lied to me and can't really order this? According to him, it goes into the system on wednesday.
  3. i didnt mean you had to hire one, just mention you had contacted one, that may be all that is needed.
  4. Be careful. Many companies, at hearing the L-word, will immediately cease all talks and end by saying "I am not authorized to talk with you anymore, you must have your lawyer contact our legal department directly." "I will note your file as such.
  5. That's a good point GT-03. They also have more $ and lawyers to play with than I do.

    The GM told me Tues that there was nothing more he could do if I wasn't willing to give my car back and let him order me another one. So I said tell me who's next on the food chain that I can appeal to. He acted very surprised that I didn't accept what he was offering. He said let me see what else I can do.

    He calls me back today and tells me he has a gt vert on order w/o spoiler that he will swap out the trunklid for me which is what I was asking for all along.

    Tues it was an impossibility; Thurs-he's glad to do it. Go figure.
  6. I must say, you make a very good point GT-03. one of the things that make these forums so valuble is the ability to get advice from more than one person, with more than one expertise!
  7. Well, perseverence pays off, hope it all works out for you topless!!
    BTW, are you attending the national mustang roundup in Rusk Texas the weekend of July 2,3,4 ?
  8. I can hardly wait for the new thread here... "I just bought a gt vert, and it has a spoiler. But Ford tells me it was not suppose to, and the sticker lists the spoiler delete option. Who can I sue?" :D

  9. First off, I wasn't able to post this on Saturday because as a poor Paramedic I was working 72 hour shifts all week.

    Yellow, thanks for the not so subtle Flame :flame: :nonono:

    It seems I must be an F'n Elf because here in my little hands sits my DORA, it's too many KB to post here so if you'd like to volunteer to host it, I will proudly post it for all to see.

    Oh ye of little faith
  10. Thanks for the advice. It's encouraging when we can work out problems like adults.

    I won't be at the TX event; I'm in Atlanta, so that's a bit far for me.
  11. Polk, you got mail, thanks :nice:
  12. Polk, thanks for hosting my DORA.

    wow...the silence is deafening....
  13. :D :D :D
  14. I have been watching this thread for a while now and have several questions as I also have a DORA dated 6/13/05 , but mine is for an 05 GT VERT.
    Does a DORA mean that your car will be built? What number is everyone calling at FORD to find out the status of their cars? What info will I need when I call? price level 570, priority 11
  15. I am by no means an expert at this, but I'll help as much as I can. After your dealer ordered your car you should have asked for a VOC (vehicle order confirmation), its a breakdown of what you ordered. Basically proof that an internal (dealer level) order has been placed. When your dealer submits the VOC to Ford, a DORA (dealer order receipt acknowledgement) is generated. Again, basically proof that your dealer submitted the order to Ford. Some say its generated one day after the order others say it is recieved on the following Thursday. I dont know as It took me a few days to get back to the dealer to pick up my DORA. Now this is where my info gets really fuzzy. I do not "believe" that your DORA is a build confirmation, just an acknowledgement that an order has been placed. Your order "may" be built as an '05 or it may not due to no more '05's being built.
    As for the robot lady, check out themustangsource.com and search "ERL", you should find the info there. hope this helps. If i'm incorrect on something I'm SURE someone will be glad to point it out and laugh.
  16. Found all of the info, called robot lady, got build date. Asked follow up question in "Dealer ordered my GT as...."
    "My 05GT vert sonic blue manual IUP deluxe
    ordered 6/13/05
    DORA 6/13/05
    scheduled for build week of 7/18
    At this point can I just sit back and anticipate its arrival or do I still need to be concerned whether or not it will even be built? "
  17. Odd. I checked my VOC and it has an order number of 9999, and a priority of 99 (!).

    Does anyone have the phone number to robot lady?

  18. :nonono:
    That car won't get built.